Saturday, October 23rd, 2021

What are you going to do this week? (October 9)

As you may have noticed, it was a particularly crazy and busy week in the Nintendo world. The biggest event was arguably the final presentation of Masahiro Sakurai’s Smash Ultimate, confirming Sora’s arrival. There were two huge arrivals. If you want, you can check out the Switch OLED hardware review and the Metroid Dread review. The other big news was the confirmation of GTA Trilogy for the switch and the stupidity that the AAA clock was the problem. Oh, and we introduced some great indie games in our own Nintendo Life Indie Spotlight.

So take a deep breath.After all, it’s relaxing Discuss the weekend game plan. A few metersMembers of the Nintendo Life Team are doing the following, so feel free to read the entry and join us in the comments section. fun!

Tom Whitehead, Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Yes i play a lot Metroid dread, I’m excited about it too! I also fell into the Nintendo trap and got OLED. This is mainly because I’ve been playing in portable mode for about 90% of the time. Here are some old favorites that I’ll easily try out on the new screen: Okami HD, Astral chain When City of Anger 4, Above all.And that’s my annual playthrough time Resident Evil 4, So I start it.

Other places I might give Scarlet Nexus If you try it, it looks fun, ridiculous and fun.

Kate Gray, Staff Writer

I’m playing one game with laser focus or three different vast RPGs at the same time. This week is the latter: Eastward, [REDACTED], When Ni No Kuni, I picked up during the blockbuster sale Pitance. I played the sequel and am in awe of the difference between NNK1 and NNK2. Both are good, but there are differences and they are good.

Filler Reynolds, Reviewer

These are the people here! Metroid Dread is finally real, and it’s actually here! Frankly, it feels great to launch a brand new Metroid game after feeling like it’s been waiting for decades. I can’t wait to get stuck and see how everything works.

For Switch this weekend, that’s pretty much done, but we’re working on it. Alan Way Climaster On Xbox. I love the game. A remedy with Stephen King and Twin Peaks elements is like saying, “Well, how can I make a game specifically for Ollie?” Just great.

Austin Voigt, contributor

There’s a jumble of games I play this weekend. First, you’ll get the Metroid Dread just like in any other world. I’m very excited. Well then, WarioWare: Get It! Together! I’m still holding a little, so I’ll play a little. Finally, I’m back in a Scorpio-like autumn / creepy-themed game-that is, Stardew Valley and Luigi Mansion 3 (but my favorite autumn games I should play in other Scorpio). If you have any suggestions, please throw them in the comments!)

As always, thank you for reading! Please leave a comment below about the weekend game plan.