Another busy week in the Nintendo world is over. This week, a number of Switch OLED videos will be on the Interweb when the console goes wild ahead of next week’s launch, new Pokemon is announced, the restarted GamesMaster gets a presenter, and the N64 turns 25. It popped up. In North America.

After all, it’s relaxing Discuss the weekend game plan. A few metersMembers of the Nintendo Life Team are doing the following, so feel free to read the entry and join us in the comments section. fun!

Tom Whitehead, Deputy Editor-in-Chief

My excitement for Metroid Dread is almost out of control, so while I’m waiting, I’m switching between Metroid: Samus Returns and Metroid Fusion. The former is for Mercury Steam mechanics and the latter is the previous model. Why isn’t it October 8th yet?

Beyond that, I’m still enjoying some brain-dead quarrels Marvel Avengers, There are fun campaigns that are easy to ignore online multiplayer stuff.

Jon Cartwright, Video Producer

I’m trying to tell everyone how excited I am to play Metroid Dread next weekend. I think I’ll be playing something else this weekend as it seems like I don’t want to stagnate myself for a week when you’re supposed to work.

There are some gaps in the Castlevania portfolio, especially the GBA, which only plays Aria of Salou. Thankfully, I know the Castlevania Advance Collection has just been released and the other two games haven’t gotten as much love, but I’d still like to comment on them. With rumors about new releases, it seems like a good time to dig deeper into the series.

Kate Gray, Staff Writer

This weekend is EAST WARD WEEKEND, baby! I want to play The Forgotten City again, but I know all the twists, so I tell them to play instead. In Eastward, on the other hand, it’s only been a few hours, so we still don’t know what it really is. Therefore, I think there is much more to see and learn. fun!

Filler Reynolds, Reviewer

Hello everyone! I’m still connected to the Castlevania Advance Collection this weekend. I’m currently jumping between games, but I’m currently focusing on the Aria of Sorrow. It’s a belt! I enjoy the collection, but it’s clear that it’s been quite old for years since the Circle of the Moon was released.

Elsewhere, I downloaded the AI: The Somnium File to Series X. Great as a pallet cleanser after last weekend. Halo Infinite The flight, and it keeps me busy until the launch Alan Way Climaster (I can not do it wait for! ).

Gonçalo Lopes, Reviewer

Why is everyone so calm when it’s been less than a week since Metroid Dread? Sure, this week is another great week at the e-shop, with horrifying action at Antonball Deluxe, a hilarious UnMetal Shenanigan, and a wave of hot nostalgia welcoming from both the Castlevania Advance Collection and Hot Wheels Unleashed. bottom. It’s going to be a great weekend … Count the days until Samus hangs on my TV again.

This week’s game is G-Darius HD. My personal PS1 favorites at the time became my personal Switch favorites for the glorious HD remastered version. Don’t start the Zuntata soundtrack. Certainly meditation!

As always, thank you for reading! Please leave a comment below about the weekend game plan.