It was another big week of Nintendo Life and there was a big arrival at Switch. It’s, of course, Pokemon Brilliant Diamonds and Shining Pearls. We have naturally reviewed for your reading / viewing pleasure. Elsewhere, the GTA Trilogy fallout with digital foundry analysis continued, but Animal Crossing continued to offer fun new surprises, Metroid Dread was nominated for GOTY, and the Wii U actually got a new game. And celebrated the GameCube and Wii anniversaries. Huh!

Well, but it’s relaxing Discuss the weekend game plan. A few metersMembers of the Nintendo Life Team are doing the following, so feel free to read the entry and join us in the comments section. fun!

Gavin Lane, Editor

This week we avoid SwitcheShop almost like a plague.I have already succumbed to some cyber transactions – I couldn’t resist getting Okami Again, for Switch OLED related reasons, you really need to get started playing some of the games you bought.

In fact, I plan to make further progress Metroid Dread.. I think it’s on the way, but I’m meandering and searching for extra missile tanks. It’s a very sophisticated game, so I’m a little worried about going back to my previous entry.Samus always takes time to adapt to the distinctive Staccato-style movements, but feels the old game will feel after slipping over the dreads and zipping around. Slow When I revisit them. yet, whadda game.

Tom Whitehead, Deputy Editor-in-Chief

I’ve been checking the e-shop’s wishlist to see if it’s part of a cyber deal. Panzer Paladin For a little fun on the weekend.I can also catch fire Rocket league Just to play the best mode-heat seeker.

Elsewhere I will probably continue playing Halo Infinite Multiplayer beta. This is pretty good, but I still have to go back to my long journey. Mass Effect Legendary Edition..

Kate Gray, Staff Writer

I’m still playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons!! It’s great in itself — I was worried that it would fall from it again. But this time I’m taking it nicely and slowly! ..

Filler Reynolds, Reviewer

Hello everyone! I’m skipping the latest release, so I don’t have Pokemon this weekend. Instead, I’m jumping into the familiar comforts of Super Mario Odyssey and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. In terms of pure gameplay, these are just two of the best games on Switch, and they’re fun to play anytime, anywhere.

In Series X, everything is Halo Infinite, Baby. Despite some ongoing issues with progress and overall content, it’s unbelievable how well 343 nailed gameplay. It’s sublime. It is no exaggeration to say that the 343 has been fully redeemed if the campaign provides a powerful story.

Gonçalo Lopes, Reviewer

Another nice weekend at Switch and the Wii company.I’m still pretty crazy Gas Guzzler Extreme But you have to find some time to sink brilliantly Tales of Iron.. Geometry Wars: Galaxy It reminds me that as I get older, I have to learn to enjoy the taste of Humble Pie.Do you need a company for both Double Dragon IV When Double dragon neon Just arrived in their glorious physical version.

This week’s game is 1CC Classic Space Moss: Monthly Edition..Great way to spend time while waiting for next week DoDonPachi Resurrection..

As always, thank you for reading! Please leave a comment below about the weekend game plan.