Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Welcome to the Rust Console Edition skin store

Skin store Rust Console Edition Finally here! October 7th is the release of the first content update, adding new monuments to the game and allowing you to customize the look in an exciting cosmetic shop.

Skins are bundled around specific themes, but players can also purchase them individually if desired. Each bundle contains 5 or 6 unique individual cosmetics like the Shinobi pack shown in the image above! Buying the full set as a bundle is cheaper than buying each skin individually, but it’s up to the player to decide how to do it.

The skin pack is divided into three different layers: Common, Rare, and Epic. At the time of release, the Common Pack will cost 450 Rust Coins, the Rares will cost 1000 Rust Coins, and the Epic Pack will cost 2000 Rust Coins. Rarity tiers are set for each pack, not for each skin.

Themes typically run in the store during the monthly wipe period, dropping a new set of items every two weeks (plus one special offpack added to the mix).

Rust: Console Edition

In the store’s main menu, you can cycle through the collection to see which packs are right for your style. Choose wisely!

You also have the option to inspect the collection and check all the individual skins in the collection, so you can buy only the ones you like best.

Rust: Console Edition

You can also inspect each item individually using full 360 ° 3D rendering before you buy, so you can better understand what the item will look like when equipped in the game.

There is also a whole new addition to the menu called The Locker. This allows you to see a huge collection of skins you own. Very useful if you want to be flexible with your clan members …

Rust: Console Edition

Joking aside, all skinstore and locker UIs are designed with the player in mind and are as friendly and easy to use as possible, but may change in the future based on player feedback. Don’t be shy because there is. Please let us know if you would like to change it.

We know that most of you are excited about the release of the skin store, and we can’t wait for the final release for everyone. See you on the island, survivors!

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Rust Console Edition

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$ 49.99

Welcome to Rust. Rust’s sole purpose is to survive – overcome struggles such as hunger, thirst, and cold. Light the fire. Build a shelter. Kill the animal. Protect yourself from other players.