Weird West is a brutal place to live. Boomtowns in the prairie are flooded with bloodthirsty outlaws, revenge-burning undead climb from tombs, and plotting witches brew black art in the suburbs of society. The heavy and dirty soundtrack chases players everywhere as they earn prizes, stop carnivorous wildlife and stay one step ahead of anyone who wants to see them dead. In Wolfeye Studios’ debut game, everyone is a suspect and no one should be trusted. It’s good that you always have your trusted revolver.

Wolfeye Studios is made up of former Arkane veterans, and of course Weird West is immersed in the obscure “immersive sim” sub-genre symbolized by games such as Dishonored and Prey. This is a top-down action RPG with a huge area of ​​sharply interlocking systems. All of these work together and sink players into this twisted interpretation of the American frontier. There are multiple protagonists in Weird West, but I spent time playing the game pretending that a memory loss bounty hunter was chasing a missing husband. Go to each encounter by moving from point to point on a comprehensive backcountry map. As players carve out their main quests, they come across side quests, random encounters, and occasionally mysterious places. Among them, my favorite was a band of mysterious cultists guarding a stone temple that seemed to hold some terrifying secrets of ancient times. That’s exactly what you’re looking for in a single-player adventure set in the fascinating world of Eldritch. The feeling that another eerie layer of conspiracy to find always remains.

Strange West Screenshot-November 2021

The battles at Weird West are expressive and modular, and have been baptized in the tradition of Arcane mentioned above. Pumping the lead with a vintage John Wayne style shootout was a lot of fun. The game features a great bullet time feature that allows you to swap the entire arsenal on the fly and add cinematic appeal to your coup. But Wolfeye clearly encourages players to approach more boldly. A good example: At a thief’s base, I happened to find a well that I could explore with a rope that was in stock. My character rushed into the depths and discovered some important information, good loot, and the perfect side position of the enemy. Weird West’s alternative tactical pathways are not always comprehensive. It can also explode the barrel of oil next to the target, but with Dungeons & Dragons logic, the game is at its best. It took me forever to realize that I could regain a little health by drinking water from a desert cactus. I can’t wait to learn about everything else I overlooked.

Wolfeye clearly encourages players to approach more boldly.


Weird West does not burden the player with the progress system. You don’t spend hours staring at the character sheet to relocate your talent points. Instead, I found a flock of purple “Nimp Relics” during my journey. Hidden like a Zelda treasure chest, it could be used to unleash a variety of special powers. Within hours of play, my bounty hunter could place shrapnel mines, secure silencers to rifles, and chuck bottles and crates that I found remaining at terminal velocity around the arena. I did. You will also discover the Golden Ace of Spades cached in the reward system for some traditional bonuses such as faster reload speeds and more maximum health. It’s possible to minimize impeccable builds in Weird West, but thankfully no one needs to calculate the percentage.

Frankly, the only notable concern I have about Weird West is the optimization before the January 11th release date. Shootouts are built-in, but control can be a bit tighter. Many of my fire fights moved to both sides in a circular motion around each other, waiting for someone’s health to reach zero. This is not an encapsulation of the noble tactical talent that Wolfeye is aiming for. There was also a hilarious bug in which a hard crash to the desktop occurred, knocking out the cowboy, and then the cowboy evolved into a terrifying polygonal monster. These issues are likely to be resolved when Weird West is in the hands of the general public, and if Wolfeye stops it, players will finally get the occult and dark westerns we’ve been waiting for. I may put it in.