Monday, September 20th, 2021

We had a bloody good time with 4 blood on the back


  • We personally experienced a thrilling collaborative first-person shooter made by an acclaimed creator left 4 Dead Franchise.
  • This 4 blood back The public beta starts today for those who have Pre-order games.
  • 4 blood back Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S will launch on October 12th and will be available through Xbox Game Pass on the first day.

Less than a minute after we walked out of the safe house, we were covered in blood; it turns out that there are many Ridden waiting for us outside the door. Then, after a burst of gunfire and laughter, we turned and looked at each other to see how thoroughly muddy we were, because Rideon’s lifeless bodies were scattered in this place.

This brief exchange of fire is just an example 4 blood backThe multiplayer chaos prepared for us, a meeting featuring countless busy firefights, a lot of loot, a huge undead ogre, sack full of cats that must be ejected, annoying crows and many many zombies. This is everything we have been looking for (and more), from spiritual successors to one of the greatest multiplayer cooperative shooters in history.

It can be said, Blood exist 4 blood back Very worthwhile, compare left 4 Dead And its excellent sequel left 4 Dead 2. This makes sense, because Turtle Rock Studios is made up of the developers of these games-and they did not shy away from this fact in their promotional materials. All the games we have played so far are like the natural evolution of these games, from the drop of trophies to various weapons and extensive level design, which makes this feel familiar and fresh. It’s a bit like riding a bicycle… through the zombie apocalypse.

Choose a card

One of the unique mechanisms that will add a lot of replay value is 4 blood backThe card system, you can assemble a deck of cards from various unlockable cards through the game, and you can equip these cards to your character to provide various upgrades or attribute modifiers.

4 blood back

It was a little daunting to understand at first-we just wanted to jump in and start shooting zombies-but after a few breaks in the safe house, it gave us a chance to better understand the hands we were dealing with and how to best To apply them to our team.

For example, a card like Sunder will increase the damage the target takes within 5 seconds by 20%, Durable will slightly increase trauma resistance, and Combat Knife will turn your Bash ability into a knife, which counts as a melee weapon.have A ton You can unlock and shuffle the cards to create the best deck (15 cards per set).

4 blood back

Then in the game, you will randomly get a set of cards from your deck for you to use. This is a very profound system. We hardly have enough time to understand it in depth during the game, but it is easy to see the potential of this card system for game replay factors.

Bloody world

During our co-op campaign, we completed most of the first act in various levels, two of which impressed me: the crossroads and the bells of hell. This is not to say that other levels do not provide a perfect combination of fierce gunfights and challenging targets-they did-but The Crossing features epic final scenes where we have an almost impossible target driving a container The boat, which resulted in a spectacular feeling of defending the checkpoint from Ridden on the bridge.

4 blood back

Then in the bells of hell, after passing through layers of thick fog-which puts us in a state of tension throughout the level-it all ended in defending an ancient church where we had to work hard with wooden boards Sealing the windows while keeping the riders in the bay is just enough for us to clean the church and survive to watch for another day. And all this is in the first act! I can’t wait to see and play with what’s left in the store when it launches.

Get rid of them

So far, every cavalry we’ve encountered has brought unique characteristics to the gunfight, keeping everyone on the alert, such as the clumsy tall boy wielding a huge stick-like arm, and the huge Reeker will explode after death. Viscous pus covering the surrounding people, or phlegm can be used to stimulate your sting, all help to keep the game developing quickly.

4 blood back

Then there are a lot of your basic grunts, they will continue to swarm whenever they get the chance, especially when you reach some intermediate goals that generate a lot of noise, such as opening a trailer to help clear the road, which will cause them to rush towards you— -Or if you happen to disturb a group of crows that are eating undead (don’t do this).

We even encountered a giant riding ogre — I didn’t hear its name — it jumped out of the ground, but imagine the cave troll in “Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings” and you will Understand this idea. In addition to this, a lot of blood clots may be generated and thrown at you, causing some huge AOE damage to you and your team.

Cleaning staff

Not only The Ridden or Card System can bring huge replay value to players 4 blood backThe cleaner-the role you can choose to play-everyone has their own unique set of privileges to help the team. Like a mother, can be resurrected immediately, or Hoffman (severe Walter Sobchuk resonance) can produce ammunition through killing, or a doctor who can heal low-health teammates without items. There are a total of 8 Cleaners for learning and playing, which helps to bring great depth to the already deep multiplayer zombie shooting game.

4 blood back

Most importantly, there are more than 20 weapons in the game, including assault rifles, submachine guns, shotguns, pistols, and some interesting melee weapons such as fire axe, spiked bat, and machete. For guns, there are various accessories, from ordinary to legendary, you can equip these accessories to improve statistics such as handling, accuracy, range, firepower and mobility.Screen some loot boxes in mid-mission Diablo When I choose the accessories to use with MP5, I become very preference during the meeting.

Join the public beta

Most importantly, starting today, the first experience 4 blood back The public beta has started, which includes the cooperative experience we played during the session, as well as the player-to-player (PvP) mode that we can’t check. The public beta also features a new PvP mode Swarm, in which two four-player teams face off in a two-win-of-three series, swapping between cleaners and riders. You can choose from 5 cleaners, repel Ridden with your friends or play as six different Ridden variants while checking various weapons.

The public beta will start with the early access part starting today (August 5th) and will last until August 9th (pre-orderers) 4 blood back In the Xbox store.Players can also register Have the opportunity to enter the early access part. The public beta will continue for all players from August 12th to 16th next week. Both public beta parts can be played on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, and provide cross-game and cross-generation support.

All the games we have played so far made us very excited about the full release 4 blood back October 12th, Xbox Game Pass. In the next few weeks, we will have more content to share about this awesome zombie multiplayer shooter, so please stay tuned to Xbox Wire.

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4 blood on the back: Standard Edition

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Pre-order the Standard Edition and get: • Early access to the public beta • Fort Hope Elite Weapon Skin Pack Back 4 Blood is a thrilling collaborative first-person shooter game created by the creators of the critically acclaimed Left 4 Dead franchise. You are at the center of the war with Ridden. These human hosts that were once deadly parasites have become terrifying creatures, bent on devouring the remnants of civilization. As humanity is about to become extinct, you and your friends must fight the enemy, destroy the ridden and retake the world. Cooperative Battle In the 4-player cooperative story battle, you must work hard to move forward in a dynamic and dangerous world. You must work together to survive the increasingly challenging missions. Play online games with up to 3 friends, or lead a team battle alone. Choose from 8 customizable cleaners, one of the immune survivors, and a range of lethal weapons and items. Develop a strategy to fight against the evolving enemy, and aim for complete destruction. Competitive multiplayer play or battle with friends in PVP. Switch between cleaners with special privileges and scary riders. Both sides have unique weapons, abilities and expertise. Extremely high replayability The new “rogue-lite” card system creates a different experience every time, allowing you to control custom builds and engage in more demanding battles. The game director will constantly adjust based on the player’s actions to ensure exciting battles, extreme gameplay, and a stronger riding army-including mutant boss types up to 20 feet tall.Purchase the digital Xbox One version of Back 4 Blood and download the Xbox Series X|S version for free when it launches on October 12, 2021