Sunday, September 19th, 2021

We finally updated the sports story, the highly anticipated sequel to the golf story

As early as 2019, Sidebar Games revealed Sports Story, which is the sequel to the excellent golf story that will be released exclusively on Nintendo Switch. The announcement was made during the Nintendo Indie World Showcase. It is not only one of the highlight games of the event, but also aroused great excitement among fans who have played the original version.

The most anticipated indie game on the Nintendo platform is there, but its initial “mid-2020” release window has come and has not been released. Sidebar Games confirmed that the game was postponed in August last year, and we have not heard about its development progress since then.

Until now, that’s it.In the rare update released Twitter This morning, the studio said:

“Everything is together now. Please look forward to more updates, we have a lot to share!”

Later postal, The team also shared a new screenshot. “Everyone wants to know the first step to becoming a professional player. Wall Bounds is the first step.”

You may remember that Sports Story not only set up golf, but also set up tennis, fishing, dungeon exploration and more. If you need a quick idea of ​​why this game is so important, be sure to check out our “Golf Story” review-whether you are a fan of golf, role-playing games or general premium games, this is definitely worth checking out.

Hope those promised updates will appear soon. We will make sure to keep an eye on more news when it arrives, but at the same time, if you are still excited about the game in the comments below, please feel free to let us know.