Saturday, July 24th, 2021

We could have a new “surreal” F-Zero on the Switch, but Nintendo refused

Oh, what if…

The Nintendo community often finds itself reminiscing about franchises that seem destined to never return, such as Pokémon Snap, 2D Metroid, 3D Metroid, Famicom Detective Club, etc. Have In fact, a huge return has been made. A series that is still on the sidelines is F-zero.

The last F-Zero game, F-Zero Climax, was launched 16 years ago and is unique to Japan; Europe and North America received F-Zero: GP Legend in 2004, and the last major series released in the West was 2003 F-Zero GX. There is no doubt that fans of the series are eager for new things.

It turns out that some developers are eager to make a new F-Zero for the Switch, and the idea has been passed on to Nintendo-unfortunately without success.With Game Xplain, Giles Goddard of Vitei-Nintendo fans know that he is the developer of Star Fox, Stunt Race FX, 1080° snowboard and Super Mario 64’s flexible Mario face (yes), he revealed that his team voted for one “Surreal” F-Zero to Nintendo:

“At Vitei, after I left Nintendo and started my own company, after “Steel Diver” and “Submarine Wars”, we have been trying hard to think about what to do. I think having a surreal F-Zero still has Some very cool futuristic graphics, but only very realistic physics-we think this will be a very interesting experiment.

“So we did a demonstration for Switch and PC. This also shows more the capabilities of our engine — we have a multi-platform engine running on 3DS, Switch, PC — so we just did some real Demonstrate the cool F-Zero cars driving on this crazy track… There are only hundreds of cars competing with each other using AI.

“But they all have real physical properties. For example, they are really super, a bit too realistic, so the hovering is actually caused by the four jets at the bottom adjusting themselves…too much. But it’s too much. It means that if you kill one of the jets it will eventually sink. If you kill the other it will flip and all these things. It’s really fun-it’s like a sandbox type thing just to play around and see What happens if you cause a crash or something there.”

When asked if Nintendo ultimately rejected the idea, Goddard delivered bad news:

“Yes, Nintendo is very cautious about using old IP because it is a big deal for them. It is much easier to adopt new ideas and new IP than to reuse old IP.

“We are stuck in the 22nd rule of working with Nintendo because we will say to them,’We want to make this F-Zero game, can you give us all this money?’ They will say,’Okay, You don’t have enough people. I’d say, “Well, if we have money, we can hire people,” you know. So it’s always this absurd 22nd ball, they want us to make a game , We pitched, and then they said you were not manpowered enough.”

In the same interview, Goddard also revealed that he is interested in making a new star fox without “gimmicks”.you could Watch the whole thing here.