Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Watermelon blocks are a cheap and hilarious puzzle-the platform will launch with a switch tomorrow

If you like a platformer that can be picked up and played quickly and you want to add more to your Switch collection, take a look at the Watermelon Blocks that will launch on your system tomorrow, January 6th.

In QUByte Interactive and Mira Games games, you can play as a cute lump of watermelon – As all the best games do – It actually works on its own. Your job is simply to change the direction in which it moves by jumping the wall at each level you come across.

There are 46 levels in all, through which puzzles, enemies and spikes pass. Each level is said to “challenge gradually and introduce new mechanisms and obstacles” along the way. Here are some screenshots for your browsing pleasure:

The price of the Switch version hasn’t been revealed yet, but Steam currently has only a few pounds available. I hope that the e-shop that will appear tomorrow will be in the same price range.