Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Watch: Pokemon Company Drops A Mysterious Legend: Arceus Video

Pokemon Legends: The January release date of Arceus is closer than ever. The Pokemon Company shares mysterious and slightly chilling footage to promote the game.

The two-minute clip below seems to record someone’s footage of the Jade area, where the game is set, and the name used for the name we all know today as the Sinnoh area. According to Pokemon, the clip was discovered by researchers at the Canaleve Library. What’s happening?

The recording person appears to have come across a wild Pokemon. Everything looks like it was shot with potatoes, but the footage is clear enough to suggest that it may have been last attacked. please look:

on twitter, Pokemon Company asks fans to scrutinize the footage and report any findings. What do you see or hear? Did the person probably discover Hisuian Groulithe? Or is it a whole new Pokemon?

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