Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Warlock 2: God Slayers will soon get the physical version of the switch

Those trying to collect the physical editions of Switch are having an increasingly difficult task, with limited releases of download-only indie titles.The latest is Warlock 2: God Slayers, Qubic Games has partnered with Red Art Games for release.

Released in the e-shop in June 2019, Warlocks 2: God Slayers blends side-colling 2D fighting with RPG-style quests and storytelling. There are five characters to master, but the reviews liked it, lamenting the lack of online co-op that can be found on other platforms. However, there is local cooperation.

For physical releases, pre-orders will begin on December 23, 8 AM Pacific / 11 AM Eastern / 4 PM UK / 5 PM CET. Red Art Games Official Store.. The price is € 29,99 and is limited to 2800 copies.

You now have another Switch physics edition for your shelves. Are you planning to grab a copy?