Friday, September 17th, 2021

Warframe is undergoing cross-game and cross-save updates

Digital limit

good news Battle armor Players, Digital Extremes has announced the official development of cross-play and cross-save functions.

This free game update will allow players on Nintendo Switch to play games with users on Xbox, PlayStation, PC and mobile devices, and continue their gaming sessions on other platforms.

Here are more expectations about this new feature:

With the official development of Cross Play and Cross Save, Origin System will be bigger and better than ever on all platforms, including the version we are about to release on mobile devices!

No matter which platform your friends are on, you can team up with them and play with the same account on any platform to continue your Warframe journey anytime, anywhere. With the addition of Cross Play, all major updates will be released on all platforms at the same time, so the console version of Tenno can be happy that there are no more movie missions destroyed again!

Go to the official Warframe website to learn all about it TennoCon 2021 news. Have you been waiting for the cross-play and cross-save function?tell We are in the comments.