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Walkthrough-Course Guide-New Pokemon Snap Wiki Guide

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Want to know how many courses in “New Pokemon” have to be completed? Well, there are currently 15 different types for players to unlock and complete. In order to progress in the “New Pokémon Snapshot”, you will need to complete at least twelve courses, however, three optional courses can be completed.

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Elective Courses

Start a new Pokemon Snap (tutorial)

The new “Pokemon Snap” starts with some tutorials, but we provide additional instructions and tips for all items and mechanics.

After completing some tutorials, you will start in the park.


How to unlock all levels of Pokémon capture

Below is a list of all the cards in the new Pokemon snapshot, as well as a guide on how to unlock all the cards and items.

First, follow the instructions to complete the Florio Natural Park (Daytime) course.

  • See Florio Natural Park (Day Trip) for a complete guide and Pokemon list!
  • Unlock the scanner After completing a park (day) course.

Tip: How to use the scanner

The scanner will mark important content in the course, including Pokemon that may be hidden, new paths, objects of interest that can be photographed, and ancient ruins that can also be photographed and added to Photodex!

Go back to the park (day) and increase its research level to 2 to unlock the Florio Natural Park (night).No need to spend too much time, just focus on taking great photos of the new Pokémon

After raising the “Parking (Day)” course to “Research Level 2” (or maybe just completing the course twice), you will unlock “Parking (Night)”.

Complete a park (night) course to unlock your first Illumina Spot!
In the Florio Natural Park (night) route or Illumina Spot, Capture photos of Crystabloom while glowing. Use the scanner to identify this mysterious plant-find it in the flowers near the end of the route on the right. You will need this photo so you don’t have to look back in the future!

Florio Nature Park Illumina Spot is equipped with an Illumina Pokemon, this time it is Meganium! Your goal is to take a picture of this Pokémon when it shows the Illumina phenomenon, in other words, when the pattern shines on its body.

After reaching research level 2 in all Florio Nature Park courses, the next course will be unlocked!

After reaching research level 2 in all courses in the Florio Natural Park, Todd will come to the research laboratory with his assistant. You will unlock the Founja Jungle (Day) course on Belusylva Island.

arrival Fengya Jungle (daytime) Research level 2 unlocked Fengya Jungle (Night)

In the Founja Jungle (Night) course, your first task is to take photos of the glowing Crystabloom. Opposite the waterfall near the end of the course, find Crystabloom next to Quagsire on the right.

  • Rear Both shoot tears Florio with Belusylva, You will unlock Glowing ball For two regions! These items are unique to each island and will cause Pokemon to glow and react in different ways. You can also throw them on crystabloom to make the surrounding environment glow, and nearby Pokemon will also react.

Now, two courses of Founja Jungle can be upgraded to Research Level 2:

You can choose to enter one of them first, but we continue with the “sultry sand” (day trip).

The Sweltering Sands (Day) course will be unlocked after the research level of both Founja Jungle courses has reached level 2.

Then, upgrade Sultry Sand (Day) to Research Level 2 to unlock Sultry Sand (Night)

After reaching the Sultry Sand Research Level 2 (days), the Sultry Sand (Night) course will be unlocked.

You have two goals for Sweltering Sands (Night).

  1. Take photos of Crystabloom here at night to get the Illumina Orbs of Voluka Island
  2. Reach the Sultry Sand (Night) research level 2 and unlock the Fireflow volcano.

Let Sands (Night) enter research level 2 to unlock the volcano.

Raise the volcano to research level 2 to unlock forests in other places

You may also be able to unlock “Forests in Other Places” through other methods. Let us know in the comments!

After upgrading Fireflow Volcano to Research Level 2, take this course again to reveal a new route to a cave with blue lava. Here, Typhlosian will guide you through different destination paths, thereby releasing Fireflow Volcano Illumina Spot

Fire current volcano illuminated point

This Illumina Spot has two Volcarona-both have Illumina patterns. When the patterns of these Pokémon glow, take pictures of them to submit them to Professor Mirror.

By increasing the Fire Stream Volcano to research level 2, release forests in other places.

You may also be able to unlock “Forests in Other Places” through another method. Let us know in the comments!

Raise forests in other places to research level 2 to unlock forest highlights in other places.

This Illumina Spot has a beautiful Milotic.

Completing this course unlocks the photography course in the research laboratory.

Research Laboratory Photography Course|Research Camp Photography Course]

This [./Research_Camp Research Camp Photo Course] It is completely optional, but full of Pokémon, otherwise you will not see it!

  • Please refer to the “Research Camp” course guide for a list of Pokemon and hints!

Upgrade Founja Jungle (day) and Founja Jungle (night) to research level 2, unlock Blushing Beach (day).

Increase “Rouge Beach” (Day) to “Research Level 2” to unlock Maricopa Reef (Day).

Increase the Maricopia Reef (Day) to research level 2 to unlock the Lental Seafloor-Undersea.

After unlocking the submarine route, you can finally unlock Illumina Orbs for Maricopia.

Sleeping Lumineon (Blue Fish Pokemon) will cover crystabloom in the seaweed on the right at the beginning of the course. Wake it up by sprinkling a piece of fruit fly on it, and then take a picture of crystabloom.

How to unlock Maricopia Illumina points

Upgrade the submarine route to research level 2 and proceed again. At the beginning of the viewing route, Clawitzer swims to the cave on the left-throwing Illumina Orbs at it as he prepares to shoot. This will energize it enough to damage the rocks here-scan this path to choose an alternative path. You can also upgrade Undersea to Research Level 3 to automatically access that path, but this is a longer task.

Completing this alternative route will unlock Lental Seafloor Illumina spot.

Lental Seafloor Illumina Spot has Whishiwashi in solo and school forms. Only in the form of a school of Whishiwashi (large time) and a photo that shines from the Illumina phenomenon.

Tip: Turbo boost
With Turbo, you can speed up and observe the behavior and interaction of some Pokémon from close range! If you are just after a specific Pokémon, you can also use this feature to speed up the course to a specific point.

After taking photos of four Illumina Pokemon: Meganium, Volcarona, Milotic and Whishiwashi, the first route of the fifth island-Durice-is Shiver Snowfields (Day).

“Blushing Beach (Night)” is an elective course, but you can find its complete guide and Pokemon list on the “Blushing Beach (Night)” page.

Upgrade Outaway Cave to Research Level 2, then play it again to automatically take another path to unlock the final island-Aurus and the final complete route.

The memorial ruins are planted with cyste blue flowers of various colors-take a picture of the first tear gas near the beginning of the course to unlock the new Illumina orb for Aurus.

Holding the Illumina Orb, return to the memorial ruins and light up all five crystabloom flowers in the ruins. They are near the statue of Illumina Pokemon.

After lighting up the Crystal Flower in the “Remembrance Ruins”, a new road will be unlocked, allowing you to visit the final Illumina Spot.

After shooting the final Illumina Pokemon, Maricopia Reef (Twilight) will be available.