Sunday, September 19th, 2021

Voting: Your favorite Game Boy Color…what is the color?

©Nintendo Life

We recently asked you to rate your favorite Game Boy Color games, but despite the fact that the ranking results are still appearing (please check the top 50 as soon as possible, and don’t forget to rate your GBC collection!), we think We will ask questions about the hardware itself: Which is the best Game Boy color variant?

We have seen attractive alternatives to the GameCube and the varied arrangements of Nintendo 64 before, but only one Nintendo system has “color” in the name (the logo also has the logo of the five solid-color hardware available at launch- Neat?). This handheld system is released in a variety of cute shades, and we want to know which one is definitely your favorite.

Before we start, we should clarify that we have narrowed the scope.There are many limited edition and special edition Game Boy Colors, if we include, we will stay here all day Transparent orange Yedigun brand version, Green and yellow Damn! Damn! Damn!comfort And other such limited local variants.If you want a complete list allAnd see if they are wonderful Console version —For the sake of brevity, we only included Widely used in at least two regions. If you like content not listed below, please feel free to choose “other” in the poll and let us know in the comments.

So let’s review the alphabetical order of the colors that regular old Joe Game Boy fans could use in their local video game store in the late 1990s or early 2000s…

Game Boy Color console variant

Atomic Violet

Game Boy Color Atom Purple.JPG©Nintendo Life

Everyone likes a transparent console, right? A leaf taken from the book of N64, this transparent purple console gives you a glimpse of the inside story of GBC and provides a more high-tech, modern feel for image-conscious handheld gamers.


This fabulous fuchsia or “red pink” version made us want to use a ridiculously sugary fruit drink, preferably by stuffing a tiny straw into a shiny carton. Does the straw still exist?


Game boy color dandelionRyan Craddock

This dazzling yellow game console is the perfect Pokémon yellow accompaniment… well, unless you particularly like the Pokémon special edition Pikachu edition set. However, if you want to promote your love for electric mice and there are no pictures of elf on the entire console, that is your best choice. Rich in color, but elegant.


Color grape game© Nintendo

From the gorgeous Indigo GameCube to the GBA or from the appearance to the “I see” Switch Lite, Nintendo has performed well in purple (or adjacent to purple) game consoles. There is not much to say about this rich purple GBC except that we like it and we think it is good. grape, Even.

Oh dear. carry on…


Game boy color kiwiRyan Craddock

The eye-catching neon/lime green variant, the kiwi game console is also beautiful. We are beginning to think that buying the “bad” Game Boy Color is not really possible.

Neotones ice

Exclusively for Japan and Australia (although you can buy after-sale boxes in various colors (including transparent) these days. For discerning handheld gamers, it’s less fancy than Atomic Purple.

As pointed out in the digital news tweet above, the Game Boy Horror from Luigi’s Mansion is also a variant of Neotones Ice. It’s ice.


Game Boy Color Teal Frame©Nintendo Life

The green-blue-blue GBC variant is obviously the best because the author owns it. So there.

…And the special edition of Pokémon

Game Boy Color Pokemon Special Edition©Nintendo Life

This yellow and blue version is marked with Pikachu and Pichu, as well as the Pokémon logo and some colorful buttons. It is bundled with Pokémon Yellow in some regions, as well as another version of Pikachu, Jigglypuff and Togepi, not to mention PokémonCenter variants in silver, orange and other shades.

If you are a fan of Pokémon, then the world of GBC will not be better than this, unless you crack the custom paintings and tools.

So you have seen a lot of things, now it’s time to choose your favorites:

So, does your Game Boy Color rank first? Has your favorite personal collection been robbed? We are upset about puns or the stupid word “U”, do we insist on inserting words like “color” and “favorite”?

Please let us know below and don’t forget to rate your favorite Game Boy Color games and check our top 50 results as soon as possible.