Saturday, June 12th, 2021

Voting: What is the best Game Boy color game?

In the mid-1990s, when a small game called Pokémon was released and gave new life to aging hardware, the grandfather of modern handheld games, the Game Boy, was suddenly unexpected. The upgraded Game Boy Pocket hardware may have relieved the burden of the bulky original DMG-001, but the long-awaited Game Boy Color finally came out in 1998, and finally enabled handheld Nintendo gamers to get the proper upgrade.

GBC’s unique games are fully backward compatible with the existing Game Boy library (and able to enhance many old games with a customized color palette), and they are all packed in transparent ink cartridges that give you a glimpse of the inside of the motherboard. In addition, many “black shopping cart” games can also be played perfectly on non-color game consoles. GBC soon established its own powerful software library-we hope your help to assemble the top 50 Game Boy Color games ever.

As with all our previous top 50 lists, the ranking here will be determined by the user ratings of the games in the Nintendo Life Games database, so it may change even after release. Once the entry reaches the minimum scoring criteria, it is eligible to enter our Top 50 Game Boy Colour game list.

Below, you can find a searchable alphabetical list of the GBC library, excluding the Japanese-only version (please let us know in the comments any omissions you want to rate, It’s best if you think you can enter the top 50 games —We will try our best to accommodate more content). Please note that the “black shopping cart” game has been excluded from our OG game boy list, but games such as Link’s Awakening and Wario Land II are released both as the original GB shopping cart and as an upgraded version of the GBC shopping cart; Therefore, they are all eligible to appear at the same time, so don’t be surprised to see them pop up!

To rate any title, simply scroll through the alphabetical list to find the game you want (or type the title in the search bar at the top to save scrolling fingers), click on the star to get a score of 1-10, and then click Hit the score you think is worth-get the job done! If you have evaluated GBC games before, please relax; these scores have been recorded.

We will publish the results as soon as possible, but at the same time, our score is also very high!

remember: Use the search bar at the top of the list to quickly find what you need-no need to scroll through dozens of pages!

Thank you for rating your favorites (or other ways). Please feel free to discuss your favorite Game Boy Color games below, and we will announce the results as soon as possible.

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