Sunday, June 13th, 2021

Voting: What is the best Dragon Quest game?

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Originally released in the West under the localized version Dragon Hunter Thirty years have passed since the championship title, Yuji Yui’s groundbreaking RPG series “Dragon Quest” debuted in Japan. By then, we have seen 11 series of mainline items that have led the way to define the JRPG style itself.

Nintendo players in Japan like each Dragon Quest game numbered. Although some of them have had a good time overseas, we still have the opportunity to play all the main-line games except English on the Nintendo console.Therefore, as this important anniversary is approaching the fourth decade, we think this is the best time to rank high. Main line Dragon Quest game-of course, with your help.

In this case, we have omitted some derivative products and only listed the games with the main number to keep it concise. If the game has been re-released, then we have abandoned the first version released in the West.We also included the Japanese-only MMORPG Dragon Quest X because its release time is no less than four Nintendo has a platform in its home country, and ignoring it just doesn’t suit us.

Like our other top-ranked polls, we’ve listed a shortlist below and ask you to rate the 10 points you’ve scored. Registered Nintendo Life users can click on the stars below to rate them. Just like the first 50 platform polls we conducted, the final ranking (which we will release in due course) will be composed of these user ratings. The ratings may fluctuate, so even the list of results after it goes live may fluctuate.

If you have rated these Dragon Quest games in our database in the past, these ratings will have been taken into account. If not, you can always add your personal comment score to influence the ranking even after we publish the results.

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Say your opinion below and rate all the mainline Dragon Quest games you have played:

Click on the stars below to rate each “Dragon Quest/Warrior” game you have played:

Thank you for your participation. We will disclose the results in due course. In the meantime, please feel free to discuss your favorites (and favorite versions) in the comments below.