Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

Voting: Official hardware disassembly videos are becoming more and more common, should Nintendo do that too?

image: valve

Hardware disassembly video is very popular and enterprises Microsoft When Sony We are currently creating an official one or sharing details in a controlled environment. It seems to be an attempt to reduce the number of people who do this on their system or post similar videos online.

The latest addition to this trend is the PC gaming giant Valve. The new handheld device, Steam Deck, has been officially disassembled.Reveal many components, including replaceable thumbsticks and SSDs, and give strong advice to users No To do this with your own model. By saying this, it also describes how consumers have “all the right to open it” and do what they want.

I’m wondering why Nintendo hasn’t done this yet. Before the new Switch OLED model was released, an unofficial disassembly video was already showing online-and it’s set to continue as the new system comes out. If anything, Nintendo’s attempts to prevent people from opening their devices only seem to encourage people to do so.

Valve is praised for sharing the interior of the new handheld gaming device prior to its release. Do you think Nintendo should have done something like this with SwitchOLED? Want to see an official teardown video in the future? Please tell me below.