Saturday, June 12th, 2021

Voting: Box Art Brawl: Duel #85-Dragon Quest

Welcome back to Box Art Brawl (Box Art Brawl), which is our regular (although we have been on vacation for a few weeks) polls based on retro Box Art to find the best regional variants from two or more regions.

Last time we picked up the camera for a close-up of Pokémon Snap on Nintendo 64. The blue cover of Europe appeared quite comfortably as the winner, with more than half of the votes, North America ranked second and third behind Japan.

This week, we will review the original Famicom/NES version in anticipation of the upcoming 35th anniversary of the groundbreaking JRPG Dragon Quest. Europeans treat this equally, because this original game was not officially released in Europe until the 2019 Switch version on the Nintendo console.

Are you ready to kill? forward!

North America

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Renamed Dragon Hunter In order to avoid existing property problems, in North America, the epic NA cover provides epic logos for epic warriors, where epic warriors fight epic dragons in the most epic way. Someone has blossomed here, Max-sword is shining, armor, biceps and slimy dragon skin are also shining. It also uses almost every color in the palette.

Big cloak? A floating castle in the background? The small inverted triangle on the “A” of the upper serif heading type? Exciting slogans call you to take a serious self-adventure? …

we Thinking This may be an RPG.



The features of the Japanese cover are the same as most of the North American cousins, but the cartoon style here makes it more interesting and approachable than its Western counterparts. Of course, this dragon looks like a fool, and the ponytail coming out of the back of the hero’s helmet is a bit troublesome, but we know which game we prefer to play.

The Japanese-style packaging box also has the added advantage of the classic DQ logo. The “D” dragon breathes the hot Japanese “Dragon Quest”. The logo may be slightly missing due to its color, but we like everything else on this cover. If this person does not win, then you must be very angry.

So, you have seen these options, but are you Quest-er or Warrior…, Uh, -Ok? Click on the favorites below, and then click “Vote” to notify us:

Like one or two dragons fighting the dragon? Help us rank all mainline games by scoring your favorites in the Nintendo Life Dragon Quest poll. We will see you next time for Box Art Brawl.