Saturday, October 23rd, 2021

Vote: Are you using a black or white theme on your Nintendo Switch?

Imminent double release in all upcoming big game stories Metroid dread And with the OLED switch model, I would like to consider a big question here at Nintendo Life.Something like that problem..

So back to the theme, the ingenious choice faced by all Nintendo Switch owners-Basic White or Basic Black? It’s a difficult choice, an important choice, and will only be amplified further for those who get the new glossy Nintendo system. If each pixel lights up individually according to OLED magic, what color should those pixels be?

Now there teeth It’s the correct answer to this question, but it doesn’t hurt your results by checking it here.We also ask for your thoughts on whether Nintendo should give us four and a half years later. more System theme. If you have quite a few paid themes in 3DS like this writer and you enjoyed setting them to “random”, keep the answer in mind.

There are many options, Nintendo, you ruin us!
There are many options, Nintendo, you ruin us!

So switch themes — which one is better?

Please let us know below how to connect the color theme you want for Switch and the theme that Nintendo can unlock to amiibo and finally lock the sweet yellow / purple Wario theme.