Tuesday, October 26th, 2021

Volume 9 of the Metroid Dread Report outlines some adjustments to key features.

Image: Nintendo

Metroid dread Nintendo seems to be nearing the end of the game’s “Report” series.Willingly This week’s entry There is little spoiler because it focuses on controls, maps, and features designed to help players enjoy the game.

First of all, especially if you haven’t played all of the major games in the series Metroid Fusion In Game Boy Advance, which precedes dreads, the game has a story summary to speed things up.

Metroid Dread is just around the corner! Understand that Metroid Dread could be the first 2D Metroid game for many since the previous game of this story released 19 years ago (2002 Metroid Fusion for the Game Boy Advance ™ system). I am. Whether you’re new to this series or just want to hone your bounty hunter skills, here are some tips to keep in mind during your early exploration.

Story-The Galactic Federation, a joint conference created by many different planets in the galaxy, has sent a special research unit to the planet ZDR. The purpose of the unit was to investigate the possible existence of deadly X parasites, which are organisms that can perfectly mimic organic matter. But the unit got dark. Now, it’s up to Samus Aran, the most powerful bounty hunter in the galaxy, to head to this unexplored planet and find out what happened. But what she found was a desperate horror …

~ Send from the development team ~

The story is introduced at the beginning of the game, so if you haven’t touched one of the games in the series, don’t worry about catching up before you start. Animated illustrations of important moments are used to help speed you up. Players of previous games may also enjoy seeing these moments come back to life in this new way. Check it out if you want to know more about the story of the series. Volume 4 Of the Metroid Dread Report.

The report then goes through various controls, allowing Samus to move freely. Many of them Metroid: Samus Returns.. As you’ve definitely seen in many trailers, this introduces a dash proximity along with some pretty fashionable slides.

An interesting segment is related to maps and navigation aids, and we finally confirmed that updates from the “Adam” AI have a mechanism similar to Fusion. In this case, you need to access the “Network Station”.

The genre of the Metroid series is “exploration action”. As the name implies, you can explore the vast world and become stronger as you go. The map reading skill is very useful because you can see the area you searched for on the map. Now you can press the + button to open the entire map.

Select the icon on the map to see the name of the spot.

Image: Nintendo

Select the icon and press the Y button to turn on icon highlighting. This will highlight similar points of interest throughout the map.

Image: Nintendo

Areas that still contain hidden items will glow on the map.

Image: Nintendo

You can download the map data of your current location at the map station. After downloading the data, you can use the map station to save your progress.

Image: Nintendo

~ Transmission from the development team ~ ZDR has some of the terrain that Samus can destroy with beam and missile attacks. Breaking through them and opening new avenues is a basic quest for the Metroid series. Some of these fragile blocks are in good harmony with their environment. If you get stuck, look for suspicious locations and blow them up with the beams, missiles, or bombs you got later in the game.

The rest of the report is full of familiar details, but it’s definitely worth checking out if you don’t have enough fear in your life at this time.

So are you excited about next week’s release?