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Virmire-Mass Effect Wiki Guide

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This page of IGN’s “Mass Effect” wiki guide is all about the “Vermeer” level, including how to survive all combat encounters, how to find various sources of loot, and choose the right dialogue options for the exercise.

After identifying the two clues about Salron, the Security Council contacted Shepard about the news of the STG group, which came from Virmire and collected Salron’s intelligence there. It’s best to investigate the area and see what they found, if it can help you, that’s a good idea.

Unlock Virmire by completing two of the three initial mission worlds: Feros, Noveria and Therum. Similarly, there will be no penalty for saving Virmire in the end.

Virus options and consequences

If you don’t want a complete walkthrough, but want to understand the key choices you must make, here are some important choices.

These are the vandals of Vermeer. If you are just looking for a walkthrough, please don’t keep scrolling. Instead, use the link above to go to the required walkthrough section.

Vermeer: Rex and Bacteriophage

Early entry mission Vermeer, You will learn that Saren found a cure for Genophage in this laboratory, and Wrex is angry that it was destroyed. You have to face him face to face on the beach to find a solution.

To persuade Wrex to stand, you need to obtain 8 Charisma points or complete the “Wrex: Family Armor” mission to unlock the necessary options to save him. Otherwise, you can shoot him yourself, and if you told her to “be vigilant” earlier, you can order Ashley to shoot him, or you can’t find a solution that caused Ashley to kill himself.

Rex Life

re die

Vermeer: Kaidan and Ashley

Coming to an end Vermeer, You will be forced to choose to rescue Kaidan or Ashley who will be at the bomb site or AA tower (the attack location depends on the person you assigned to the Kirashi team before the attack).


Shalin dialogue Vermeer

at the end Vermeer Mission, you will have an in-depth conversation with Saren in the alliance with Sovereign. Finally, you will have a “survey” option on the left: this marks an important final choice for when Saren appears.

If you select “It has already happened!” or “You have been indoctrinated”, you will open the persuasion options, which will take effect later in the game.