Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

Video: Technical analysis of Metroid Dread on Switch by Digital Foundry

Metroid dread Finally landed on Switch this week, digital foundry experts shared their own technical analysis of Samus’ new adventures.

So how does it last? In docked mode, the game offers a resolution of 1600×900, and in portable mode, it could introduce a new OLED display as stunning as it is running in “native 720p”.

In terms of game performance, the target frame rate is 60 fps, but there may be some slowdowns that may be related to “background streaming”. Also, the upper limit of cutscenes is 30fps.

Apart from this, one notable inclusion worth mentioning in Metroid Dread is the addition of 5.1 surround sound. This is rarely heard on the switch.

“With Metroid Dread, Mercury Steam not only delivers’properly done’surround sound on the system, but is also like a general master class of sound design and layout, the most powerful of the year. Provides one of the best hearing experiences. “

Digital Foundry is the “best game” Mercury Steam has been working on so far, and it’s easy to approve it by breathing new life into the series.

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