Monday, September 20th, 2021

Video: Nintendo Switch will launch 14 exciting new games in June

We are almost in the middle of 2021, so as far as the Switch version is concerned, what else is worth looking forward to? This will be a busy schedule for Nintendo’s hybrid system-there is another batch of great games to check out.

Earlier this month, we got Ninja Dragon Sword: Master Collection with Game Maker GarageAnd look for later in the month Tony Hawk’s professional skater 1 + 2 with Mario Golf: Super Rush.

This is the complete list in case you don’t have time to concentrate on us charming Senior video producer Alex Olney (Alex Olney).

Astaren: Tears of the Earth-June 3

Umurangi Generation-June 5

14 Exciting new game coming soon on Nintendo Switch June 29, 2021 Screenshot

Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection-June 11

Hero (2)

Game Makers Garage-June 11

Game Maker's Garage – Announcement Trailer – Screenshots of Nintendo Switch 1 45

Ninja Lily: Ring of the Knight

Hero (3)

Fallen Knights-June 23

14 Exciting new games coming on Nintendo Switch June 6 2021 2 screenshots

Alex Kidd participates in “Miracle World DX”-June 24

14 Exciting new games coming on Nintendo Switch June 6 2021 2 screenshots

Magic Legend-June 24

Hero (4)

Mario Golf: Super Rush-June 25


Tony Hawk’s professional skater 1 + 2-June 25

Tony Hawks (Tony Hawks) Pro Skater 1 and 2 Switch Hero

Zombies ate my neighbor and the ghoul patrol-June 29

Hero (5)

Devil Wars 6: Rebellion of Destiny-June 29

Hero (6)

Destroy everyone! -June 29

Hero (7)

Sky: Son of Light

Hero (8)

Which games on this list will you view in the month of June? Please tell us below.