Monday, May 23rd, 2022

Video: Here’s a sneak peak in Dying Light 2’s four-person co-op mode

If you are using cloud gaming on Nintendo Switch, you need to be careful. Dying Light 2: Stay Human -Arrive on February 4th next month.

In today’s final episode of “Dying 2 Know,” Techland officially confirmed the four-player co-op mode. Not only can you play the game in co-op, you can also end the entire game in co-op. Hosts can invite friends to the game (and all players maintain their possessions and progress).

As an additional bonus, players can also choose how to proceed with the story thanks to the voting system. You can see the details in the video below and take a peek around 20 minutes in this mode.

The same broadcast also featured the next trailer for the game.

Are you planning to return to the undead land next month when Dying Light 2 gets a cloud release on Switch? Please tell me below.