Monday, December 6th, 2021

Video: DreamWorks Animation Artist Releases Pokemon Halloween Short

Halloween is just around the corner, and to make you feel like the creepiest night of the year, DreamWorks Animation artist and Pokemon fan Christopher El is his own “original” five-and-a-half-minute Pokemon ride. I made a film. It features Pikachu, many ghost types, and many suitable themed locations.

“Non-profit” shorts will be aired this Halloween for a local trick or treater in Southern California. According to Ell, shorts of all ages are made with Unreal Engine and display 60 fps full HFR video on two 10-foot projection screens for a thrilling experience.

Along with the full preview above, let’s take a look at the actual vehicle.

“In this original Pokemon Adventure, trick or treaters of all ages embark on a bold expedition with Pikachu, observing ghost Pokemon on Halloween’s only day, and thanks to Professor Sequoia’s latest invention. Pokemon Observatory (POV), it must be perfectly safe and healthy, unless some of the ghost Pokemon have other plans … “

For more information on this short, check out the artist’s YouTube channel. Sure, I’m not sure what even Pokemon Company and DreamWorks think about this. Please check as much as possible.

What did you think of the Halloween Pokemon Short above? Would you like to train a ghost type for a celebration this weekend? Surprise us with the comments below.