Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Video: Digital Foundry Provides Evaluation of Switch OLED Models

It’s been a pretty exciting week in the Nintendo world. Metroid dread Arriving this week with a Nintendo Switch OLED model. It’s always a bumper lineup, and you can see our reviews of both below.

However, you can check out at the top of this page Digital Foundry Technical Review Examine multiple hardware iterations of the system and examine the original PS Vita OLED for comparison.If you prefer reading to video, you can check out the article above Eurogamer..

Overall, and focusing on upgrading OLED models in terms of its very important screen and build quality, it’s a very positive rating.

After all, the Switch OLED model is really all about the screen, and while some may be disappointed with Nintendo’s approach to this machine, the new machine offers the premium quality I’ve always wanted. Addresses all major weaknesses in the physical design of existing units while significantly enhancing the screen. It looks so good that you will want to use your system in portable mode more often. Especially if a game like Metroid Dread appears to be running on a revised system. But, of course, if you only play in docking mode, you won’t see any real difference. Yes, it has a new modified dock with a more pleasing design and a real LAN port, but beyond that, this is really the same system as before.

We don’t know when Nintendo will offer the next generation of switch consoles, but until then, the new OLED model is the absolute best way to enjoy the machine’s excellent gaming library. If you don’t own a Switch and are considering buying one, get one. Also, if you already own the switch and display quality in portable mode is important, this is a must-have upgrade.

Please let us know what you think. Please let us know if you plan to purchase OLED at launch or during the holiday season.