Saturday, July 31st, 2021

Use Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play to shape your legend in UFC 4 today

Enter the octagon as UFC 4 come EA games Nowadays. As an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate member, you can get EA Play for free, so you can shape your UFC legacy according to your fighting style, achievements and personality.

No matter where you play, UFC 4 Put “you” at the center of every battle. Have fun in the backyard, or immerse yourself in the legendary traditions of Kude in a brand new immersive environment. Then play online turn-based rapid-fire tournaments with other fighters in Blitz Battles. And experience Real Player Motion Technology (RPM Tech), which creates a smooth experience driven by positioning and physical environment. Using this technology, the batting system is integrated as a part of the batting system. The batting system is triggered by approaching or away from the opponent’s fighter and hitting the ball, so as to achieve smoother and more frequent hitting and hitting moments.

Or check the career mode. Based on the decisions you make in the gym and octagonal field, your fighters will grow and improve. Interact with fans, fighters and promoters to shape your reputation and career. Train with UFC champions and master their habits, styles and skills on the road to the top.

With EA Play, you can always get more benefits from your games-such as exclusive rewards and content for members, early trials for playing selected new games, instant access to our collection of favorite series and top games, and purchase of EA Digital version of the 10% discount content.

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