Saturday, October 23rd, 2021

Use Scarlet Nexus Psychokinesis with Xbox Game Pass Now


  • Scarlet Nexus Now available on PC, console and Xbox Game Pass in the cloud.
  • Protect the world from alien mutants with the psychokinesis of interacting with your environment and other paranormal companions at your party.
  • Play as Yuito or Kasane and explore two stories in the future world.

Following its success as a summer breakout hit, we are excited to announce it. Scarlet Nexus Starting September 30, it’s available on PC, console, and Xbox Game Pass in the cloud.

In this action RPG, you’ll navigate a highly futuristic, high-tech world terrorized by confused alien mutants called others that are vulnerable to paranormal attacks. Fortunately, the world has entered a new era in which paranormal hormones in the human brain can give selected people paranormal abilities. As a spiritually talented member of the Other Suppression (OSF), you can use your psychokinesis to protect humanity from others and unravel the mysteries that surround you.

You can choose to play as either Scarlet Nexus’ The two protagonists: Sumeragi Yuito and Kasane Randall. Each character has different strengths, allies, and playstyles. Use Kasane’s stronger psychokinesis and daggers to attack other midranges, or use Yuito’s swords to do more damage in close combat.

Through the story of Yuito and Kasane, we will get the perspective of both characters and reveal the complete story. Deepen your ties with your peers, borrow their psychic powers through the Struggle Arms System (SAS), enhance your combat abilities, and become a formidable force against others.

Scarlet Nexus

Scarlet Nexus‘Enjoy a new generation of visuals inspired by stunning anime and science fiction at stunning 4K resolution and smooth 60 fps, providing an optimized gaming experience for the Xbox Series X | S. Xbox Smart Delivery allows you to seamlessly play the best versions of your game on your Xbox console.

Can’t get enough Scarlet Nexus Do you want to use the Xbox Game Pass?You will be able to expand your experience Scarlet Nexus Season Pass — Coming soon this fall! Get closer episodes with new costumes, weapons and bonds to build a closer relationship with your team.

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Scarlet Nexus

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$ 59.99

In the distant future, paranormal hormones were discovered in the human brain, giving people extrasensory power and changing the world as we know it. As humanity entered this new era, the confused mutants known as others began to descend from the sky with a thirst for the human brain. They were extremely resistant to traditional attack methods, had to fight overwhelming threats, and take extreme steps to protect humanity. People with acute extrasensory abilities known as psionics were the only chance to fight an onslaught from above. Since then, psionics has been scouted for its talent and adopted by other oppressive forces (OSFs), the last line of defense for humankind. Begin your adventure with either Smeragi Yuit, an energetic recruit from top politicians featuring dual stories, or Kasane Landor, a mysterious scout whose power and skills have earned a great deal of publicity among OSFs. prize. Only then can you uncover the complete story and unravel all the mysteries of the future of Brainpunk captured between SCARLET NEXUS’s technology and psychic abilities, as their different experiences interweave with each other. ..