Sunday, September 19th, 2021

Use Minecraft’s new Ben 10 DLC to defeat evil, now available on the market

After Sega’s teasing Sonic the Hedgehog in my world Last week, Mojang has announced that the animated TV series Ben 10 will appear in its popular survival production game.

This new DLC, Now available, There are two different modes. Story mode allows you to control Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max, and asks you to recover lost alien DNA from Omnitrix. Then you can transform into a group of alien heroes and defeat iconic villains such as Vilgax, Zombozo, and Kevin 11.

In the free roam mode, you will have immediate access to all alien DNA-so you can choose the person you think is suitable for the job. The villain is also in this mode. As of today, you can redeem a Ben10 shirt for free.

In related news, Mojang announced yesterday that the first part of the cave and cliff update will arrive next week. Will you check this new DLC? How about the new update coming on June 8th? Leave a comment below.