Saturday, October 23rd, 2021

UnMetal Review (Switch eShop) | Nintendo Life

Comedy video game. The blood of this writer gets cold just by thinking about them. How does the comedy work in the medium that you see defining your pace, without radically changing the medium from interactive to inactive? Comedy and gameplay are inevitably completely separated, so few games have yet been able to integrate the two in a truly impressive way. It may be Undertale, but there’s still a lot about reading dialogue in it.

UnMetal is … Comedy video games.. If you do, it’s not a parody, and unfortunately a parody type. Here’s a loving rib of the game in general, presented in the guise of a stealth game similar to the original MSX Metal Gear, a semi-top-down sorted stealth game. UnMetal’s enemies are dull, especially uneducated rock boxes, so they’re called “sorters,” but that’s not really important. actually, play This seems almost meaningless — it feels almost like a mini-game collection because it’s so fragmented in its style. You jump from cutscenes to limit exploration, adventure game-style items-from more cutscene combinations to shootouts … well, you understand the idea.

And by calling it a “comedy game” and describing the whole thing as a slap dash, there’s no doubt that UnMetal looks a bit silly so far. But that’s the worst of all-thanks to the fact that it’s actually pretty good-almost indisputable- Consistently Interesting and amazing.

You see, the main character, Jesse Fox, is on the slightly unreliable side as a narrator, so Juarez’s call: with a touch reminiscent of Gunslinger, the scenario is based on his half-shaped (or simply crafted) memory. It will change. As the creature grows extra limbs and tries to justify Jesse’s inability to reach the boss battle, a ditch springs out of nowhere, allowing players to make choices that can have an interesting negative impact on the situation. increase. you.

But it’s not interesting. As we say, it’s funny, but we didn’t laugh or really laugh. The humor here is very meta or very stupid and unfortunately not a good kind of stupidity. Still, the humor is clear Very subjectiveWho knows — a completely muddy turbidity that may definitely double hysterically, but we’ll be amazed.

Perhaps it works better as a spectator sport. The choices you can make are reminiscent of Twitch chat and general interactions. Note: It’s a culture shock to see recent games tuned for streaming, but that’s another article. somewhere. probably.

Anyway, the actual top-down stealth here is fully serviceable. The game is well aware that when it comes to flick screen work, every screen needs at least one interesting thing. Whether it’s a gag, a little stealth puzzle, or an interesting visual expression, UnMetal is a game that can’t be blamed for lack of ideas over the entire 10-hour run time. When working on brass studs, it’s all very traditional. You hide from the guards, draw their attention with a coin thrown once, strangle them, and repeat. The grace period when it was discovered was so important that we weren’t really in great danger, but again, UnMetal isn’t dangerous and it’s always changing the situation. What does it do?

The visuals look a bit amateurish, but they’re somewhat appealing rather than just low quality. Indeed, much attention has been paid to creating this world and writing all the dialogues. Dying never pulls you back too much, and you can skip the cutscenes you’ve already seen by simply holding down the “B”. It’s very accessible and the constant changes to the scenario did a good job of forcing us to continue playing just to see what happens next.


UnMetal is really tricky. It didn’t play nicely and wasn’t fun at all, teeth It consistently presents new and entertaining ideas that complement the core simple stealth gameplay, providing a wealth of genre changes and a large amount of references, callbacks, and meta-humor that will surely appeal to many. But we are old and exhausted, Many The problem of self-deprecating humor in video games — this goes back to something like ZX Spectrum for good. Still, we’re aware of the very clear surplus of fun content packed into UnMetal, and we shouldn’t ignore its appeal just because it’s a bit familiar. Never give up on gags, subversions and new sights, and you’ll always see a surprisingly sturdy length. Also, don’t forget to make the actual stealth fun to launch. An impressive effort that certainly deserves to find an audience.