Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Unleash the devastation with Rust Console Edition

Survivor, first free content update Rust Console Edition, The devastation is unleashed, November 25th! This exciting new update brings brand new mechanics like tech tree, gestures, gun handling adjustments, aiming assistance, and a host of quality of life improvements and bug fixes!

Tech trees radically change the way players progress Rust Console Edition.. You no longer have to spend scraps on randomly layered blueprints on your workbench, and you can now unlock the items you need most. Collect scrap from around the map and build a workbench to access the Tier 1 tech tree. From here, you can use scrap to unlock different branches of your item, depending on your playstyle. Do you like to build and strengthen your foundation? Unlock defenses and traps to confuse your enemies! Or do you prefer a more direct approach? Then unlock the guns and ammo to eliminate the competition more efficiently!

Every item has its own tier, so you need to collect more scrap, build a higher tier workbench, and unlock more end-game items. You can try your luck with the Bandit Camp Spinning Wheel and look for extra scrap, but don’t forget. The house always wins …

You can now research items from the research table as before, so there are now multiple paths. The purpose of adding Tech Trees is to make the game more consistent with the core Rust experience by removing the random system we had and unlocking the new blueprints. This adds versatility to the way the game is played.

Rust: The devastation is unleashed

Devastation Unleashed also comes with an exciting “gesture” feature. With this feature, you can use the radial menu to perform different emotes and better express yourself in the game. Can someone be too far away to listen in voice chat? Give them a wave … or something less friendly!

This update also includes new map seeds, bug fixes, quality of life improvements, and new skins to celebrate this update.We are working hard to bring in as many updates and improvements as possible Rust Console Edition, This is just the first of many content updates. I hope you enjoy it! See you survivors on the beach.

The devastation is unleashed Will be available Rust Console Edition November 25!

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Welcome to Rust. Rust’s sole purpose is to survive – overcome struggles such as hunger, thirst, and cold. Light the fire. Build a shelter. Kill the animal. Protect yourself from other players.