Monday, September 20th, 2021

Undertale’s “Spider Dance” feature is in today’s “Just Shapes & Beats” free story update

image: Fury Studio

Since its launch in 2018, Berzerk Studio’s Musical Bullet Hell, Just Shapes & Beats, has received some free updates, including a hardcore mode and a remix featuring the indie game firm Shovel Knight (we think the law requires certain capacities) . Today (July 23) Berzerk released another update in the form of “The Lost Chapter”.

Since the beginning of this month, the studio has been making fun of the new track for the update, which, as its name suggests, is an extra chapter in the story mode, where Slot Between the first and second chapters. It also includes a mix of tracks from Undertale.

This is the complete content of the public relations promotion, as well as the track preview previously disclosed on Twitter:

This update includes a previously missing storyline chapter that cannot be included in the original version *reason*.

These 5 songs include well-known artists and newcomers to the game contributor list, such as F-777, MDK, Kommisar, and Shirobon. Shirobon’s Spider Dance remix, specially written for the update, comes from the most popular Undertale, and will be used as the music for the new boss battle.

As with all previous updates to the game, owners of Just Shapes & Beats will get The Lost Chapter at an extra low price nothing much, Can be unlocked at startup.

This update is coming soon on all platforms, and it’s great to see the additional story content of the title we called “The Big Bang of Audiovisual Feast in Video Games” in our ebullient reviews. If you are a bit passionate about chiptune VGM, this is really a cracking game worth trying. This is exactly what it says on the can, and there is more, and we are happy to check this new drop.

If you want to download the missing chapter, please let us know below.