Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Ubisoft may reconsider the new NFT if the environmental impact is not resolved

Ubisoft today announced the first blockchain-based NFT system, Ubisoft Quartz. However, while NFTs are a source of excitement for some, many are concerned about the environmental impact of the energy they need. Ubisoft has stated that it has selected an energy-efficient system for Quartz, but has told IGN that it will reconsider the project if the blockchain ecosystem turns out to be unsustainable.

Talking to IGN prior to the announcement of Ubisoft Quartz, Nicolas Pouard, VP of Strategic Innovation Lab at Ubisoft, said:If you see [blockchain technology] Can’t go [more energy efficient]Of course, if it’s not sustainable, we think again about what we’re doing. But for now, we take this concern very seriously when it comes to the technology we have decided to work on. ”

Pouard explained that Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovation Lab eventually settled on the use of Tezos, a blockchain system that uses the concept of “proof of stake.” Proof of stake systems are more energy efficient than the alternative “proof of work” used in Bitcoin and other blockchains, which have been repeatedly criticized for their negative impact on the environment. According to Ubisoft, Tezos uses one millionth of the energy per transaction than Bitcoin. For comparison, it’s 30 seconds of video streaming for a year.

However, the entire ecosystem is not clear. Ubisoft Quartz uses Tezos and Proof of Stake models for NFTs, but these items can be sold in cryptocurrency third party marketplaces. The cryptocurrency could be Ethereum, which is currently based on Proof of Work. Basically, Ubisoft’s own operations may be more energy efficient than other blockchain solutions, but they continue to bring out items that can be purchased using currencies that have a negative impact on the environment.

But Poord expects things to change soon. “The ecosystem associated with what we do at NFTs is Ethereum, and the entire Ethereum ecosystem is heading towards Proof of Stakes,” he says. Ethereum will move to Proof of Stake in 2022.

Ubisoft Quartz-Mechanism of NFT system using blockchain

For more information, see what Ubisoft Quartz is and how it works. This is Ubisoft’s first blockchain project, initially deployed to Ghost Recon Breakpoint. The use of NFTs and blockchains in games is already a hot topic among developers. Ubisoft and Epic Games are professionals, but Valve has already banned blockchain games on Steam.

Matt Purslow is IGN’s UK news and entertainment writer.