Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

Ubisoft brings a new exclusive game to Nintendo Switch

Those who need Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed, and Far Cry while playing the classic board game “Monopoly”.

Ubisoft has announced a new take for Hasbro’s real estate trading game. Monopoly madness -A title that “reinvents” the iconic board game and will be released on Nintendo Switch and several other platforms on December 9, this year. Here’s a summary of the PR favors:

In Monopoly Madness, players compete to buy and upgrade Monopoly City properties while they are away on vacations earned by Mr. Monopoly. They play up to five other players in short rounds, a desperate real-time race on the chaotic streets of Monopoly City, where there are no board boundaries. Players need to collect money and other resources around the map in order to purchase and upgrade properties. The more properties a player owns, the more points they can earn and the closer they are to the finish line of the race to earn wealth. Along the way, players can get power-ups from community chests, including bulldozers, jackhammers, etc. and use them against their opponents to gain the advantage of winning. However, players need to be aware of random events that can occur at any time, making the journey to the wealthiest even more chaotic.

Inspired by the classic MONOPOLY game tokens, 20 new playable characters play in four unique environments with unique atmospheres and architectures, including the iconic city and its nightlife, beach towns and Cozy Falls. I can do it. Each environment has several levels and layouts, and you can play in a total of 20 different arenas.

Interested in playing such a Monopoly game on Nintendo Switch? Please tell me below.