Ubisoft has announced Ghost Recon Frontline, a free-to-play PvP first-person shooter. A spin focused on the very popular Battle Royale genre, supporting over 100 players. Public playtesting will begin this month, but the full release date has not yet been announced.

The flagship mode of the Ghost Recon front line is Expedition. In this mode, 102 players are divided into teams of 3 and fight for victory on the island map. To win, the team must find and request three Intels. This allows the team to go to the designated drop zone and extract it from the map. However, when the extraction helicopter is called, other players will be warned and have the opportunity to attack and steal the extraction of that team in order to claim their victory. This is an objective design that sounds like a blend of Ubisoft’s unique Dark Zone from The Division and Crytek’s Hunt: Showdown. Ubisoft also states that there are other tactics that can be used to win.

Besides refusing the last team’s approach to Battle Royale, Ghost Recon Frontline also ignores the idea of ​​a shrinking circle. During the match, you will have access to the entire 16 square kilometers map. The map is divided into 4 different biomes and hosts 20 different landmarks.

The character class system allows you to adjust your tactical approach. So far, three have been revealed. Scouts are designed for long-range encounters and enemy tracking, assault classes are ideal for close range combat, and support can be set up for turrets and other defenses. Each class has special active abilities, two gadgets, and three passive skills. These classes are associated with the customizable “contractor” character. You start with two, and you can recruit more as you progress. This allows you to create a pool of contractors that can be tailored to your particular tactical approach. Interestingly, you can change the contractor you’re playing during a match event, so you’re not permanently tied to a particular class or playstyle.

Another new idea that Frontline is proud of is “TAC support”. This allows the team to use the funds earned from achieving their goals to make payments and summon supplies airdrops. This includes basic items such as new weapons, as well as items designed to reshape the battlefield, such as bulletproof barriers and entire sniper towers.

Ghost Recon Frontline-First Screenshot

Developer Ubisoft Bucharest has been working on Ghost Recon Frontline for three years, aiming to make the game a multiplayer suite with multiple modes. The first alternative game type announced is Control. This is a 9v9 mode where teams fight to control the area. This is a smaller arena shooter style mode, but available to all tactical tools and contractors in the main expedition mode. New modes will be introduced seasonally.

The full release date of the Ghost Recon frontline has not yet been announced, as the game is still considered “early development”, but closed testing on PCs for European players will begin on October 14th. It will run until the 21st. Registration of interest It’s a live concert to participate in the test. Ubisoft states that this is the “first” test and testing on other platforms will be announced in a later phase. Ghost Recon Frontline will eventually be released on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia.

Ghost Recon Frontline is Ubisoft’s third Tom Clancy free play game announced this year. In early 2021, Division: Heartland was unveiled, but this summer, the Call of Duty-style PvP shooter X Defiant was unveiled. This follows Ubisoft’s statement that it intends to build a “high-end free play game.” Hopefully it will prove to be more successful than Ubisoft’s previous battle royale, Hyper Scape.

Matt Purslow is IGN’s UK news and entertainment writer.