Sunday, September 19th, 2021

Two-point campus appeared on the Microsoft Store, looking more like a fool

©SEGA/Two Points Studio

Two point hospital It turns out that this is quite successful and it attracts players who miss the classics Theme Hospital Enjoy silly customization and fun with young players. It also has SEGA release responsibility, which will undoubtedly help developer Two Point Games continue to develop all these DLC-Jumbo Editions recently released in the Switch retail store.

Now, with the help of the most useful resource to learn new games-unexpected Microsoft Store listings-we know the next step for the studio. Two-point campus Has appeared on the list, although there is no release date, it is most likely not and also far away. It is worth noting that this does not confirm the Switch version, but considering the popularity of Two Point Hospital on the system, the port seems to be a reasonable choice.

As the name suggests, you will create and operate a university, but of course there will be some misunderstandings. Below are some descriptions and a few screens.

Two-point campus©SEGA/Two Points Studio
Two Point Campus 2©SEGA/Two Points Studio

Students in Two Point County can enjoy a series of wild and exciting courses instead of ordinary academic courses: from the Cavaliers School (hey, each of us must learn the duel at some point in our lives), to saliva delicacy, Your students will build mouth-watering mixtures there, such as giant pizzas and giant pies.

Seize the opportunity to spend more time with the little people in your university. The school year starts in summer vacation, giving you enough time to make everything look great before the students move in.

Build a library, hire the best staff (from quirky professors to madcap researchers), provide the best courses for your campus, and pay attention to unleash the academic potential of your students!

But it’s not just hard work. Get to know your students and explore their personalities, needs and needs. Let them be satisfied with clubs, societies and performances.

Hope it will not be too far away, maybe this time Switch can get its version while the game is released elsewhere. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments!