Hamster Corporation participated in the Nintendo Direct celebration earlier this week, releasing two Namco games instead of one at the Switch eShop.

First, I got the original Pac-Man The title was released in an arcade in 1980. The same rules apply here as well. Players must eat all the dots in each round to clear the stage without being caught by the four ghosts. And if you eat power pellets, you can eat ghosts. This game uses Japanese ROM for the main part of the game.

Next is the 1982 scroll shooter. Xevious.. In this title, players dominate Soval by defeating flying enemies with Zapper and ground enemies with Blaster as they confront the Xevious army.

The title features 26 character types with their own codenames and uses a Japanese ROM for the main part of the game.

Both of these titles support up to two players and undo $ 7.99 or equivalent players in the region. Would you like to add one of these classics to the Nintendo Switch HOME menu? Please let us know in the comments.