Monday, May 16th, 2022

Twitch on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch doesn’t have Netflix yet, but it can now be used not only for games but also as an observatory. Twitch is now available on the Nintendo Switch eShop..

The streaming platform is already on the PS4, PS5, and other consoles such as all the various Xboxes, but now, more than four years after its launch, Switch is joining.

The description of the e-shop is as follows.

Watch live stream game videos, esports, and IRL broadcasts on your Nintendo Switch device.

Sports are here. Match your favorites to basketball, baseball, soccer, soccer, swimming, wrestling, hockey, swimming pools and more through talk shows, league channels, fantasy and esports. “

And warning:

“”Note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software that contributes to market research, such as Nielsen’s TV rating. See for more information.“”

The app is a 31MB download. Also, it doesn’t look like you can use or view the chat unless you’re actually watching the stream. You also can’t stream games from Switch. While watching the stream, the only options are to pause, hide the UI, or close the stream.

However, you have the option to allow your account to use chat on your mobile phone while watching.

The quality of the stream doesn’t seem to be a problem, but there are some issues with playing back a few seconds and the quality seems to be auto-adjusted as well.

The usage is as follows.

ACNH Screenshot 202111 11 13 31 24
image: Biggus Bennus
ACNH Screenshot 202111 11 13 32 10
image: Biggus Bennus
ACNH Screenshot 202111 11 13 30 19
image: Biggus Bennus

And shortly thereafter, it crashed:

ACNH Screenshot 202111 11 13 38 28

good. Maybe Switch isn’t the best place to see Twitch yet.

Which streamer do you watch on Switch Twitch? Please let us know in the comments.