Zen Studios and Sabre Interactive have announced a new tactical RPG, the Circus Electrique. It will be available on Switch and other platforms in 2022.

Set in Victorian steampunk London, this turn-based case is described as “part of story-driven RPG, tactics, and circus management.” Here’s an explanation of what you can expect:

When the daily Londoners turn into a mysteriously vicious murderer, only the circus strongman, fireblower, clown and other performers lineup has the unique talent needed to save the city.

Throughout tactical turn-based battles, these improbable heroes get in the way, not to mention Bobby, the British sailors, the aggressive Poshgirl, and the occasional menacing Pantomime and Robobear. Face other Victorian archetypes that are. The game’s innovative devoted morale system influences the character’s performance not only in combat, but also in real-life circus shows, and is faithfully managed during heroic excursions through six vast districts.

be interested? Next, get a lot of these first official screenshots and feature listings to elaborate further.

Main functions:

Electrified RPG Combat: Test the skills of strongmen, fire blowers, escape artists, clowns and other classic circus performers. There are a total of 14 playable archetypes, each with deep tactical options in combat. Build the most ideal combination of acrobatic artists and fight the best enemies.

Manage the biggest show in Steampunk London: Despite the chaos, the show must continue! Rebuild the circus beyond its former greatness and recruit and train the most talented performers from around the world. Performer skills, mutual compatibility, and overall dedication combine to determine the success of a show. And all the extra shillings are needed to reward everyone and keep them happy.

A unique circus: Immerse yourself in an impressive world based on vintage circus posters, Victorian archetypes and classic steampunk charm.

We’ll keep an eye on this news as we approach the New Year, but feel free to comment below until the launch in 2022.