Monday, May 23rd, 2022

Troy Baker uses NFTs, but fans aren’t impressed

Voice actor Troy Baker has announced that he is affiliated with an NFT company, and his fans aren’t very impressed.

Baker, most famous for his role as Joel in The Last of Us, revealed on Twitter that he’s affiliated. Voiceverse, A company that supports the creation and promotion of voice NFTs using AI. These text-to-speech voices are designed for use in creating audiobooks, podcasts, reading scripts, and other projects that require narration without the need for a real voice actor.

“I am affiliated with [VoiceverseNFT] Before signing off “potentially dislike”, Baker will work with new creators to create new ones, and everyone will own and invest in the IP they created. Find a way to make it possible. Alternatively, you can create one. What will it be? “

As of this writing, Tweets have far more replies and quote retweets than likes. It is no exaggeration to say that Baker has a fixed ratio.

The main negative reactions to Baker’s announcement include a variety of concerns, such as how NFTs affect artists, actors, and the creative industries as a whole.

The reply sought to draw Baker’s attention to the number of artists victims of the NFT scam, and the fundamental flaws in the NFT movement as a whole regarding its use as a creative platform.

Others are paying attention to the environmental impact of NFTs and their use in potential fraud and tax evasion.

Basically, the reaction can be briefly summarized in this tweet:

The NFT debate is likely to become a major issue in the gaming industry in 2022. The president of Square Enix said in a New Year’s letter that he was investigating them. This follows EA’s claim that NFTs are an important part of the future. Sega has also been on the cusp of NFTs, but says that if fans see it as a “simple money-making”, it will drop plans.

The industry seems to be entering this area, but fans are fighting back. The developers of STALKER 2 canceled their own NFT plan within an hour of fan backlash.

Matt Purslow is IGN’s UK news and entertainment writer.