Monday, May 16th, 2022

Troy Baker admits that the NFT’s announcement was “a little hostile.”

Image: Epic Games

update: After approving the voice NFT earlier today, Troy Baker revisited Twitter and admitted that the “dislike / create” question could have been “a little hostile.”

Earlier tweets by voice actors have evoked considerable reaction online. See below for more information.

Does anyone feel the atmosphere of Notting Hill from the line “I’m just a storyteller here, trying to tell my story”? Only us? Anyway, the conversation continues below.

original: Troy Baker, an extraordinary voice actor in almost every video game from Bloodrayne to Bioshock and Borderlands to Batman, has announced a partnership with NFT company Voiceverse NFT.

Yes, arguably the most famous voice actor in the game (seriously, he All) Jumped into an irreplaceable trend, as evidenced by his properly vague announcement. On twitter It asks the reader whether they “dislike” or “create”.

The full text of the tweet is:

I’m partnering with @VoiceverseNFT to find ways to bring new tools to new creators, create new ones, and allow anyone to own and invest in the created IPs.
We all have a story to tell.
You can hate.
Alternatively, you can create one.
What will it be?

reaction? Well, you can probably guess the reaction. This is part of a more family-friendly response from fans to the “voice of video games.”

The details of exactly what this means and how Baker is involved in voice non-fungible tokens are ambiguous, but his partner, Voiceverse NFT, has approached them and their approach. The benefits are explained as follows: Fixed Twitter thread:

Hello everyone. That’s why VoiceNFT isn’t just owning a jpeg.
Voice NFTs provide essential utilities in addition to a great community. You cannot right-click on any of these.

Voice NFTs provide unlimited, permanent access to the AI ​​voice on which NFTs represent ownership. If you own a Voice NFT, you can create any kind of audio content and you own all your IPs.

Imagine being able to create customized audiobooks, Youtube videos, e-learning lectures, and even podcasts with your favorite voice. Everything without the hassle of additional legal work. This makes it easy for people with limited resources to access professional-grade audio.

Voice NFTs provide a new way to communicate and build personas in the Metaverse world. You can look like anyone you want in the Metaverse, and now you can sound like a Voice NFT you own.

Imagine being able to speak in the voice of the character you are playing, like in a multiplayer game. Imagine the next level of immersive experience!

Understand the environmental impact of NFTs. In the future, we are working hard to move Voice NFTs to more environmentally friendly mainnets such as Polygon and Solana.Proof of work β†’ Proof of stake

Voice NFTs provide royalties to the original voice actors involved in building the NFT. As the value of Voice NFT increases, voice actors will also benefit from that value. We always keep humans in a loop.

If it’s just a SaaS product, not an NFT, you can’t create a truly decentralized solution in preparation for Web3. The important thing is that you own the IP completely and it is not proven and controlled by the general public. We.

I’m not saying that VoiceNFT is the perfect child of the NFT family. We acknowledge some shortcomings, but inevitably give them a chance from the beginning to find out what value and usefulness they can offer to the creator and gamer community.

Given the environmental impact of NFTs and blockchain technologies, their usefulness is often questionable, and the online response to news is completely predictable. Baker isn’t the only celebrity to ride the NFT trend in the last few months, but since he’s provided the voices of so many beloved characters in the game, this controversial move has sparked such a strong reaction from fans. It is natural that it is.

Hmmm. Apparently, you can hate or you can create. Alternatively, you can take a little nausea, take a deep breath, and move with you. If you can analyze and explain the benefits of voice NFTs, feel free to explain them in the comments, preferably as you would a young child.