Monday, May 16th, 2022

Transformers roll out with Smite update in November

Cybertron and Destron Smite A November update featuring the Transformers Battle Pass is now available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

The Cybertron War has reached the “Battlefield of the Gods”. Optimus Prime, the noble leader of Autobots and the advocate of all civilian freedom, is Destron’s wickedness as Megatron himself and his most unreliable soldier Starscream clash in a storm of steel and sparks. Lead the accusations against the power! Deploy as Optimus Prime Geb, incinerate less lifeforms as Megatron Ra, and dominate the sky as Starscream Jinway with the Transformers Battle Pass.!!

The Premium Pass instantly unlocks Optimus Prime Geb, allowing players to earn premium rewards such as Starscream Jinway, Autobot vs. Destron Loading Frames, Cybertron Level Upskin, and Megatron Ra. Battle-loyal players can roll with a Premium Battle Pass and a Plus Pass, including 13,000 Battle Pass points, to quickly unlock Starscream Jinway and all other rewards up to level 25.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members get exclusive free access to Smite x Transformers Starter Pass This includes Geb, Ra, Jing Wei, as well as Voice Packs, 3000 Battle Pass Points, Daily Deal Tokens, 3 Day Account Boosters, and 3 Team BP Point Boosters.

Unlock Generation 1 versions of Optimus Prime Geb, Starscream Jinway, and Megatron Ra to complete the standard Battle Pass track to advance to the coveted Prestige track for the ultimate nostalgia experience of the 80’s. .. Regain the glory of Saturday morning with the original designs of these transforming giants, available only with the Premium Pass.

Earn rewards just by playing Smite, Bumblebee Avatar gives you access to More Than Meets The Eye Global Emote, Cybertron Ward, and Chests so that all players can unlock them while the Battle Pass is available. Purchase a Premium Pass or Plus Pass at any time during the event to receive all Premium Benefits up to your current Battle Pass level.

Smite-Transformers Battle Pass

Many more features have been added in this update. Take advantage of the ongoing Gem Sale to advance the Odyssey with the Battle Pass, join the rewards for the Plush Tiamat and Oni Ronin Anhur to be found in the Dangerous Sea, and get the Ginger Dread Baba Yaga Kin for use in the Winter Wonderland Chest. prize. This year is almost over, so wash the waves before you run out of time!

Speaking of the end of the year NS Smite World Championship Digital Loot Pack is back in Season 8Featuring the exclusive Pittsburgh Knights Scylla, Season 8 Morgan le Fay, Elken Cernunnos, and the limited Kamikaze Gilgamesh. Catch the SWC broadcast from January 6th to 9th, and cheer on your favorite team as a year of fierce competition will come to the final showdown to grace the best. Smite team.

Gods and giant robots; is there a better combination? Don’t miss your chance. Get your Transformers Battle Pass and Digital Route Pack now!

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