Holidays are coming soon – countdown with IRL Track-Train Set Game!!Our free Advent calendar update There are new items and decorations to unlock daily until December 24th.

Don’t worry if you haven’t played the update yet. All previous days can still be opened and unlocked. Today I would like to take a quick look at just a handful of the many new decorations included in the update and offer some ideas for flushing your creative juices.

First, a brief summary Track-Train Set Game For those who haven’t boarded yet! truck Is a calm and cozy toy train set builder, providing tools for unlimited play. Open the toy box, discover a huge array of ornaments, passengers, animals and buildings, build the world, then dive into the cab to see all the scales. If you haven’t played yet, you’re in luck! We are currently offering a 67% discount on Xbox as part of our Family Time Sale.

Santa’s sleigh

Could not start Advent calendar update Without Santa’s sleigh! Why not put it under the Christmas tree or on a shelf? Trucks also allow you to place decorations in the air, so you can also place sleds in the night sky.



One of the new passengers to unlock is a snowman! Turn on snow and add a light and fluffy white layer to the toy world, and the new snowman passenger type will look like home. How about with reindeer and Santa?


Spiral bush

With this update, I wanted to increase the number of decorations that can be used all year round, not just on holidays. One of these new additions is the Spiral Bush. This allows you to add diversity to your garden or park. Or why not put the town outside the store and decorate it?



Even in the world of railroad tracks, there are many road construction and construction sites. We’ve added warning signs, rocks, and steamrollers that fit the workers perfectly!



Pandas may not be the most traditional festive animals, but they are still adorable. Want to create a zoo where pandas can live with other furry friends? Or how about going out in the wild? The choice is up to you.


This is just a handful of ideas and take a look at just a few of the new decorations available in Advent calendar update!!All updates are free truck Players, and now available, so why not dive in?


Track-Train Set Game

Excalibur game



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Tracks is a beautiful toy train set builder that provides tools for unlimited play. Dive into a vast sandbox, place truck pieces, build bridges, and create a town where you can easily understand the truck’s gameplay. When you’re ready, jump into the driver’s seat and take a small train from a first-person perspective. Control speed and direction as you board the tracks. Whether it’s a modern lounge dive into the ultimate toy sandbox or a winter wonderland at night, you can start with a pre-made environment or dive into a completely blank world canvas. Add trees and leaves from different world biomes, buildings, stations, animals, vehicles, decorations and more. Change the terrain and fog colors to further customize the world. Choose colors and patterns to create your own train. Play with boosters, musical bells and ramps to make your train an exciting ride! For more complex rail systems, you can add junctions and introduce multiple trains. From the vast lush countryside to build your dream train set, to desert towns, atmospheric fog industrial sites to vibrant circus setups, countless options await you and your train set. .. Prosper your imagination and build your dream toy train set.