Saturday, June 12th, 2021

Torchlight III free spring update is now available

After sleeping on the bottom of the sea for a long time, the cursed captain finally returned to the coast of Novastria, their inferior crew and many new pet friends and a large number of new Bora decorate your fortress and.

The cursed captain legend

The captain is a relic from a long time ago. The era when pirates took the high seas. The exquisitely carved outline of the bow brings fear into everyone’s hearts. Shortly before the empire came to power, it sank or imprisoned everyone.

However, no one really knows all the duties of the captain. Some people say that they are cruel pirates, only inspired by having a lot of treasures. Others say that they are true figures of the sea, and they fall in love with some princesses on the distant land. Those whom they called lunatics claimed that they were a noble admiral and were forced to sign a treaty of hell with the terrible sea beasts.

However, the only thing consistent in all these reenactments is that the captain is a powerful adventurer and warrior. With ridiculous two-handed cannon smirks and explosions, he crossed the battlefield.

Torchlight III-Spring Update

The origin of the development of the cursed captain

The team initially planned to perform a new story show in the ocean/beach location. At that time, the goal was to make a course that fit the subject. What better way than with pirates? What better way to pirate than undead pirates?

Unfortunately, even if the new bill was not successfully implemented, the “Captain Curse” was still so happy to accept a concept that the team could not pass it. The idea and style of the cursed pirate captain not only seeped out of the water, but also provided an opportunity to add a true summoner class on the ship. Torchlight III.

Torchlight III-Spring Update

The original inspiration for the cursed captain came from the idea of ​​merging the necromancer with the pirate.This flashlight The franchise has always been entangled by ghosts, so the thought of asking an immortal captain to summon a crew of spectral, this kind of feeling is very welcome. In order to truly demonstrate the extraordinaryness of the captain, the team decided to remove the helmet slot to allow players to emphasize the troublesome customization options available. It also allowed them to create a new kind of equipment, which is truly unique to the idea of ​​a pirate captain, which is a cloak and a powerful two-handed cannon.

Captain curse game

The cursed captain is a real double threat. As an experienced captain of cursed and pirated skills, this courageous ghost can summon a group of illusory gluttons and use trading tools to deal with combatants. You will have two unique skill trees that you can explore and develop during your journey.

  • Cursed skill tree: The captain’s cursed ability is focused on ghostly summoning. The captain can summon his reliable crew in various forms.
  • Pirate Skill Tree: Use the captain, double swords, powder kegs and reliable predators, and use the captain’s pirate abilities to play a more traditional pirate game.

When the cursed captain is in the best condition, they must first summon the enemy, and then kill them with the impact of the cannon or the fatal blow of the two swords.

Torchlight III-Spring Update

Fur and fashion contracts

The Spring Update is not the only Captain Cursed. There are four new pets, and more than 40 new pets! Some of the new species you can plan to meet are Shiba Inu, Fox, Stag and Bulldog.

Torchlight III-Spring Update

For all your interior decorators on Frontier, a series of new fortress items will also be added to the new Fur and Fashion contract, such as Netherim specimens, Fox Arch, and King’s Gazebo.

We expect everyone to use the new “Captain Curse” course and the new “Fur and Fashion” contract when they get the “Spring Update” for free on May 25!

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It has been a century since the “Torchlight II” event, and the Ember Empire is in decline. In “Torchlight III”, Novastraia is threatened again by an invasion, and it is up to you to defend Netherim and its allies. Gather your wisdom and move forward courageously, looking for fame, glory and new adventures! Cross the border-alone or with a group of friends, bravely face the vast wilderness of Novastraia and all its dangers! Collect epic equipment-whether it’s armor, weapons, or even new pets… When you fight in the dungeon and face dangerous enemies, there will always be more to discover. Build your hero-there are four unique categories to choose from, there are five available Relic subcategories, there are many different ways to build your hero and maximize damage. You will also collect epic equipment along your journey, which can be customized to match the hero’s unique makeup. Build and upgrade the fortress-it’s time to rebuild-including you! Enjoy your own fortress, where you can upgrade equipment and renovate the fortress to show off to friends and the world. Pets return – compete for fame and fortune with your loyal companions! Add skills and equip them to make yourself stronger. Each species has multiple colors and styles, so make sure to collect them all!