Saturday, June 12th, 2021

Topic: What do you think “Switch Pro” will actually be called?

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Another day, there will be tens of thousands of Switch Pro rumors without much increase. Believe me, we are bored with “BREAKNEWS: SWITCH PRO has a button???”.Same as you, but the latest is The founder of XboxEra predicted Thursday as an announcement on Twitter, But more interestingly, a new name started the tour: Super Nintendo Switch.

Now, we all know very well that Nintendo is… the best When coming up with a new console name. It can be said that the decline in Wii U sales is a very reliable theory, partly because people did not realize that this is a brand new concept, not just a slightly different Wii, and the word “new Nintendo 3DS XL” sounds like It’s more like a salve for some terrible skin conditions than a console. In other words, if Nintendo decides to run with “New Switch U Max” or something equally annoying, we won’t be completely surprised.

Let’s get to the point: We don’t know what the new Switch will be called, but we’re pretty sure it’s coming soon. So: Among the names we have seen so far, what do you think is the most likely name?