Saturday, July 31st, 2021

Topic: Nintendo provides excellent E3 Direct for new and old fans

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E3 2021 Nintendo Direct has settled; since the “digital activity” era, Big N has been sticking to its usual method, about 40 minutes and a lot of announcements.

In this case, no game is overly compelling, because even the biggest batsman only has a few minutes of game time. Taking into account the situation of game developers and publishers in the past 12 to 16 months, Nintendo also outlined a series of impressive first-party games that will take us into the New Year, almost every month has a big hit .

Nintendo and its partners in these large games-such as MercurySteam and WayForward-are commendable because they line up a number of large games

As you can see in our Nintendo Direct roundup, Nintendo’s efforts at E3 have yielded a lot of results, and the response seems to be largely positive. In our own opinion survey, within a few hours after the event, out of more than 5,500 responses (at the time of writing), 57% rated the show A or B (39% B). Slightly less than a quarter chose C (average), 19% chose D or the terrible F, but only 4% chose the lowest grade.

Take a quick look U.S. Nintendo YouTube video upload It also shows about 43,000 votes in favor and only 3,300 votes against. Although this show won’t satisfy everyone-it was impossible in the end-but it did get a good response.

The general feeling of our team is that this is a very good performance, arguably Nintendo’s best Direct for a long time (especially the frequency of the main performance has dropped sharply).after that relatively The main and exciting software quiet time, it also arranges a series of enticing games in the coming months. Nintendo and its partners in these large-scale games-such as MercurySteam and WayForward-have lined up a number of large-scale games in the difficult work environment of the past year, which is commendable.

Below is the big First party The upcoming monthly games, this does not even include many highly anticipated third-party games; it gives a sense of the real situation for the rest of 2021:

This is also a broadcast, providing some noteworthy long-term fan favorites-but the wait for F-Zero does continue.

After a long break since the last “correct” entry (if you don’t consider splitting Game with Wario On Wii U), we finally return to the classic formula through WarioWare: Get It Together!, which adds a cooperative mode. Mario Party Superstars provides shining high-definition entertainment of classic N64-era board and mini games, although it is difficult to argue with those who suggest that it could have set a price for DLC Super Mario Party. Then there are two remakes of the original Advance Wars GBA versions developed by WayForward. This is a smart way for Nintendo to sell IP to new audiences, while making old fans and long-time followers happy that they have to watch this precious series. When the Fire Emblem franchise retreats to second place — smart systems other Turn-based tactical gems-finally attracting mainstream Western audiences.

However, Metroid Fear is arguably the most important announcement, and in terms of the most exciting revelations, it ranks among the best in our community polls. For new fans, there is a buzz of a shiny 2D Metroid title on the Switch, and the development of an excellent Metroid II remake of MercurySteam is good news. Metroid: Return of Sams, On 3DS — at the helm but on more powerful hardware. However, for older fans, this is part of Nintendo’s history.