Saturday, June 12th, 2021

Topic: How good are you in the game?

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Going back in time, when my world was significantly smaller, I used to think I was very handy when playing video games. When the classmates come to play GoldenEye or Mario Kart 64, I will use many of them to wipe the floor. I naively think this is due to my unparalleled reaction speed and ability to use pads. In my circle of friends, I am Steve McQueen of the Mushroom Kingdom; a common number 007 that always wins in the end.

Obviously, I am also a Idiot. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I am not a video game expert, I am just more familiar with those specific games than my friends. As with any activity, the more you do, the better you get, and I obviously have a big advantage over-oh, I don’t know-I only have a PlayStation friend or my little sister. I have spent hundreds of hours playing these games, and people who still need to bow their heads to know which button is which.

In recent years, the tremendous growth of “ordinary” game streaming from “ordinary” people has made me rest assured that many people have a bit of rubbish in the game, and rubbish is okay.

We’ve written before about how positive modern difficulty settings and optional assists are. Your man Chris Scullion wrote a soapbox last year that it’s not shameful for professional players to play Easy.Now I totally agree, even though I have to give a copy of my GoldenEye to a classmate so that his brother can defeat 00 Agent Facility and unlock Invincibility within 2:05. Cheating was very humble in the late 90s; a real wake-up call, facts Up, i know Average.

Below average, it is very likely.I have “mine” games-games I play a lot and I’m good at (it has almost no world record, but it’s not everyone I can remember Banjo-Kazooie 100% from memory within 5 hours-but it usually takes me a long time to find my feet. I have always tended to single-player games, I can play at my own pace. In the past few decades, as scenes of gamers performing incredible feats have begun to proliferate on the Internet, it is clear that I am really not all.

However, in recent years there has been a significant increase in “normal” game streaming from “normal” people — instead of teenage multi-millionaires distracting their attention between destroying all opposition, chatting, and sipping product drinks — let I can rest assured that in fact, many people have a bit of rubbish in the game, and it does not matter if you do rubbish.

Over time, I became more and more comfortable with my mediocrity.I like to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, But if my kill ratio hovered around 1:1, I would be very happy. Just like sports activities, I now understand that my love of playing football or going to the tennis court for fast games has nothing to do with my being good at these things.

This is still absolute beautiful. I also don’t worry about whether my weak online ability will deteriorate with age-it really doesn’t matter. For games like 99’s Battle Royale (Tetris 99, Super Mario Bros. 35, Pac-Man 99), I joined the game early before the competition became too fierce and messed up the mechanics to get me In the direction of the game, I played until I got the chicken rice and walked away contentedly. I don’t need to be a master, nor do I need to sit at the top of the table. In addition to lack of ability, these days I just don’t have time to live, sleep and breathe a game; too much. Speaking of video games, I am very happy to be a jack-of-all-trades; if I have fun, I will’git gud’, otherwise what’s the point?

“But wait, how can you make a living writing games instead of being super proficient in them!!” Ask forumLerka372 in a complaining tone. Well, there is a secret here-not all game authors are good at games. Some of them are very capable in specific series and genres, but throw something they have never played before into the abyss, and they will be as ineffective as I am in Monkey Ball. As with any profession or all walks of life, some lucky people are very good at everything and can immediately accept new things, but being proficient in games is not a prerequisite for being able to discuss them in an informative and interesting way.

The tremendous broadening of media horizons-more types, more types, more choices and inclusiveness-means that everyone inevitably becomes “worse” in the game, and maybe this is why we see the mainstream away Cruelty is a factor in the difficulty of previous generations. Our attention is so distracted and there are so many choices that ordinary players today are not as good as ordinary 8-bit gamers. We reached the point where punishment became a marketing point for a few series a decade ago. However, they are still outliers-most games deceive themselves to help you solve problems so you don’t lose patience. Although “Dark Souls” may be a typical representative of a challenging and unpredictable game, I managed to beat it.Can’t that Hard, can it?

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Although there has been evidence over the years that I am not actually a “professional player”, I am still too confident that I will defeat anyone who dares to challenge my outstanding skills with Donkey Kong at any stage of the combat mode. Mario Kart 64. Maybe I am really. Is confused, but are hundreds of hours of muscle memory surely important?

How good are you at games? Are you a super-skilled interdisciplinary game master, ready to beat all comers in any game of their choice? Have you invested a lot of money in a single game and a little green outside your comfort zone? Or, are you, like me, an amiable hero who is terrible at everything, but still likes it? Tell us in the poll below:

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