Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021

Topic: E3 leaks are inevitable, but do you really want to know?

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We are now entering the second half of the E3 stupid season, because rumors and leaks-some are true, some are obviously not-bombarding our game lovers online.If you know where to look and are interested, you can usually find the complete running sequence such as Xbox presentation A few hours before the show, or a super list of “everything” will be announced. Although there are some people who are eager to pay attention to fabricate rumors, it is undeniable that there are indeed a few leakers who really know what is about to happen.

This is one of the biggest problems at this time of the year-should you participate in the fun of guessing and understanding what is about to happen, or stay away from it and enjoy the surprise?

On these pages, we always seek balance and often argue within the team about the reliability of the source code and whether certain things should To be shared; as you can imagine, there are often different opinions. An example of the past few days revolved around Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope, which leaked early and was almost confirmed.in our For the original post, we kept the title vague, and used a simple Ubisoft logo as the main image, and added the following notes to the article.

Note: We deliberately passivated the title and main image to prevent people who browse the website or social media from being spoiled. This method is handled case by case, this is only our call this time.

Of course, in a rather peculiar and rare situation, Nintendo itself leaked game time before the Ubisoft Forward demo. It seems that the schedule on the game page of the official website is chaotic.in that The point is, Ubisoft’s unveiling is still a few hours away, and Nintendo is the source, so being shy is meaningless.

We still remember that a few hours before the release of “Interstellar Fox Zero” at E3, Reuters accidentally released a preview; although it tried to delete the evidence, the Internet did not forget

It can be said that the leak occurred within a few hours before the incident, if any, put up Expected in some cases. We remember that a few hours before the release of “Interstellar Fox Zero” at the E3 show, Reuters inadvertently released a preview obtained before the embargo; although it tried to delete the evidence, the Internet did not forget. On that occasion, it added a buzz—what will Star Fox look like on Wii U, we all asked ourselves. This is very exciting, although the reaction to the game has become quite calm when it arrives in the store.

However, there are ethical issues regarding leaks, and cases can vary widely. For example, when it comes to more serious leaks caused by hackers or breaches of confidentiality agreements, should they be allowed to own the platform? Nintendo had a major leak of this kind between 2018 and 2020, which contained a dizzying amount of information and internal documents. It is obviously invaded, stolen or illegally spread by people with access rights, including complex and confidential data and especially hardware-related records. This is not a public relations representative whispering to popular influencers about the game that will be released next week; these classified files and development resources were never intended for public use, no matter how fascinating.

The question of how to deal with leaks of this nature-as an individual or as a media-is very interesting. On the one hand, gazing at the old concept pixel art of retro games seems relatively harmless and fun to gain insight into designs that have never been finalized. However, it is a tricky decision whether to watch or not, especially when the individual involved expresses disapproval.

Although Nintendo’s “gigaleak” is destructive and controversial due to the huge amount of confidential data left behind, we have also seen hackers targeting large game companies targeting blackmail. Capcom is a notable example, because many of its plans for the next two years have been exposed. When no fees are paid, a lot of information about unannounced games and projects is posted online, and Capcom’s approach is to simply provide few reviews and move on. CD Projekt Red and EA are in a similar problem, it is a difficult balance in what to read, believe and share.

Curiosity can be powerful. However, when you read the title of a game set for E3 display, there is no actual background, is it so exciting?

However, as an individual, the temptation definitely exists-for example-to find a list of upcoming games. Curiosity can be powerful. However, when you read the title of a game set for E3 display, there is no actual background, is it so exciting? When the game is officially announced and displayed, will it detract from it?

We recently shared some of our favorite E3 memories, and in terms of disclosure, they are surprises.The beginning of the trailer is exciting, trying to decipher the first few seconds of the process, and then realize that this is the moment of a game or franchise can not wait anymore play. Why do you lose this buzzing sound because you are a little impatient? The feeling that some people experienced during the Banjo-in-Smash announcement was very special, the culmination of years of waiting and hope; imagine that three hours ago, the bullet list on Resetera robbed this excitement.

This is an interesting topic, and when leaks flood the Internet, we will carefully consider this topic.Happily, we are still entering tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct, knowing almost nothing-this is greatWhether the show is exciting, ordinary or disappointing, anticipation of Nintendo’s upcoming products is an important part of the fun.

Let us know what you think about leaks, whether it’s a small E3 game or a real “super leak”-are you eager to find all the details online, or ignore them and watch for surprises?