Saturday, June 12th, 2021

Topic: Do you want to see more Apple Arcade games on Switch?

I haven’t noticed that recently, some games that were previously limited to Apple Arcade will land on Nintendo Switch.Now, an interesting fact about me (and also a disclaimer) is that I’m actually involved in Apple Arcade-I am Winding the world – but I know there is nothing On how the contract works.

Nevertheless, I can speculate. In the past few months, with the addition of games such as Grindstone, LEGO Builder’s Journey, and Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, I found myself wondering if a certain limited-time exclusive offer has just passed. Timing exclusivity itself is a controversial topic, and I am not going to discuss this topic (at least, not in this particular talking point), but it raises a question: will we see Apple Arcade gaming surplus soon on Switch on?

The main problem with some (but not all) mobile exclusive games is that they tend to be short. After all, mobile games are very popular, but the way people play games on mobile phones is often very different from the way they play games on home consoles. A game that takes several commutes on a mobile device may last no more than an afternoon on the Switch-of course, this is not a bad thing in itself, but it depends on the price people are willing to pay for the short experience.

Personally, I am happy to pay high prices for indie games. It encourages craftsmanship and makes it more likely that the studio in question will continue to make games. If I like what they launch, I think my money is the “please more!” button-although I realize that not everyone has my privileges, as a game reporter, I have a lot of games in my work Code.

But the price of Switch is almost always higher than that of PCs or mobile devices, partly because of the tens of thousands of dollars in transplantation costs, and partly because these studios have to pay for marketing expenses, development kits, game pages published on the Switch eShop, etc. Many other expenses. Publishing a game on Switch is an investment, and the price reflects this.

Alba Wildlife Adventure

Nevertheless, I can understand why people are put off by a game that was launched on Apple Arcade two years ago that cost £15 on the Switch (although the perceived value of indie games is again another topic). Apple Arcade games are creative, creative, fun, and sometimes bizarre because they don’t have to be commercially viable-developers are free to experiment more, knowing that people will subscribe to the overall service.

Personally, I hope to see more Apple Arcade games on Switch. I think Nintendo Switch works well as a platform between giants such as PlayStation 5 and the more mobile devices of mobile devices. Puzzle games like Grindstone and What the Golf? Very suitable for Switch, and even more story-oriented games, such as Overland, Sayonara Wild Hearts and Tangle Tower, pleased our discerning critics.

But this is a topic, so my opinion alone is not enough, so I propose to you, dear readers: Do you want to see more Apple Arcade games on Switch? If so, what is your warning?