Hello, my name is Liam Edwards. He is a creator and game director. cursed by golf At the Chuhai Lab. With the game launching today on the Microsoft Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, we wanted to give you some tips for mastering the art of supernatural golf. The path to Ascension is hard, but heed my guidance. Then you might be able to conquer the devilish courses that await you in Golf Purgatory.

You Spin Me Right Round

Mastering the spin mechanics is critical to winning golf purgatory. The laws of physics are a little different in the astral plane, and Ball Spin has multiple advantages and can be deployed in many different scenarios. At a basic level, you control direction by adding spin to the ball as it bounces. Chipping the ball on the approach to the flagpole? Perhaps directing a bounce with topspin will land you in a hole and save you an extra shot. Backspin may be your best friend as it drops the ball straight down. Need to get the ball on track and stop it with no lead wait cards or time stop cards left? pin Pixel point accurate ball placement. Mastering the ball spin greatly expands your tactical options in all situations!


in a binder…

Ace cards are fun to use, right? Yes! However, sometimes you want to keep rare things. Those portal cards don’t come around very often. Stop by Eternity on your run and put your most powerful cards into the card binder. This card binder has magical powers that are beyond the curse of Golf Purgatory’s roguelike loop. Even if you die and start anew, the cards you saved in the binder are still there so you can retrieve them at the right time. It is to do a few dummy runs. This sets you up to truly conquer the course, and as you progress through his two biomes in the latter (The Caves and Hell), you’ll need all the powerful Ace cards you can get.


people who need practice

Practice shot cards are deceptively useful. Yes, of course you can use it as a free shot to test if your fancy shot idea works. But more importantly, practice shots don’t just undo everything you do before you take the “real” shot. After the practice shot is taken, the state of the world remains the same. Therefore, it can be used to safely detonate a TNT box, or to hit a shot idle away from a chosen path into a hole. You can get shots of or open new shortcuts.


No problems, only solutions or It’s super effective!

Elemental Ball is a powerful ace card with lots of cool use cases. Fireballs burn pesky thorns scattered throughout caverns and hell. Getting caught in thorns is bad news because getting caught in them requires an extra shot and returns you to where you last shot. I have. Smashing through that spiky shrub in the flames of glory is one of the most satisfying sensations you can get with Purgatory Golf.

Ice Ball is a cool (wink) little power-up. As you make your way up and down the Golf Purgatory, more and more water hazards greet you… great. Hit the water with an ice ball and the lost ball becomes a cold platform for hitting your next shot. Water hazards can lead to large shortcuts or encircle both sides of the flagpole, so ice balls are always a welcome safety blanket.

Last but not least, Electro Ball. This object sends out a devastating bolt of lightning to anyone who passes through it. Detonate a TNT box, stun a raspberry vine, and smash a shot without touching her idol.


Unlimited Powerrrrrrr!

Look, I love all the ace cards cursed by golf, after all, I designed them. That said, there are some that are a little more exotic than others. Rocket balls, drill balls, phase balls, and portals are more exciting than mulligans. These powerful abilities are hard to master and easy to screw up. But we are in golf purgatory, a place where high risk offers high reward potential. Once unlocked, hone your skills with these cards on the Practice Range. Deployed effectively, these Ace cards allow you to reach areas that a normal golf swing cannot reach. Also, if you’re really proficient, you might even be able to skip an entire section of the hole.

hole out shot

long way to the top

Here are five tips to get you out of golf purgatory and back to life. A place to play… Ordinary golf?It’s not an easy task, but if you stick with it, you may be able to break this annoying curse. cursed by golf Team, I would like to thank everyone who helped and encouraged us on our journey. cursed by golf See you soon on the green! Share screenshots and videos of your adventures at Golf Purgatory with @CursedtoGolf on Twitter!

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Cursed to Golf offers a fresh take on the golf and roguelike subgenres. Go through a hole in the PAR count or be cursed back to the beginning of the course. To make things more difficult, these courses not only have bunkers and rough spots, but they are also chock full of obstacles such as powerful fans, spikes, TNT boxes and teleporters. Everything equals the course in this twisted take on the classic game! Being cursed to play golf forever in Golf Purgatory also has its benefits! Use Birdie Eye to get a bird’s-eye view of the entire course and see what challenges lie ahead. Are you running low on percent? Luckily, there are gold and silver shot idols studded all over the hole, and smashing them with cinematic glitz will replenish your shots. Ace cards turn the odds in your favor and use otherworldly powers to manipulate the game in incredible ways. Scattershots, U-Turns, Rocketballs, and Mulligans are just a few of the 20+ cards that turn the tide! Every shot counts! • Explore the golf-themed world and characters of Golf Purgatory • Accurate “golf-like” gameplay on randomly placed courses in 4 biomes • Tough dungeon-like with wacky dangers Navigate the holes • Power up your golf in style with over 20 unique ace cards • Challenge the world with online leaderboards • Keep swinging forever on over 70 holes